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Adam Rank


Adam Rank officially has been giving his irreverent look on the NFL since joining the league in 1995, but his career started well before that. He first tried his hand at NFL writing when he took third place at a sixth-grade writing festival with his essay, "Please, Mr. Davis, keep your stinking Raiders in Oakland." Rank has since moved on to NFL Media's "NFL Fantasy LIVE" show and is a part of the supporting cast on the "Dave Dameshek Football Program" podcast and the rebooted "NFL Fantasy LIVE podcast."


I'm pretty bummed to see Aaron Rodgers out for an extended period of time with a busted collar bone. And I know everything that comes out of my mouth (or fingers in this case) comes across as sarcastic (it's a gift), but I'm sincerely bummed about th... more

I have a good friend who is a Falcons fan. Which doesn't seem weird. What, is he from Stone Mountain? Have family from Peachtree City or something? If only. You see, back in the day, me and the boys had a pretty competitive and serious Madden leagu... more

What we are talking about: Aaron Rodgers He might be good at football Matthew Stafford Injuries, inconsistencies, yikes Zayn-Owens A double-turn for the ages Ben Roethlisberger strikes me as the kind of guy who hits "maybe" on his... more

Listen, I don't try to live my life as a contrarian. That's not true -- I kind of do. I spend a lot of time in public houses and taverns, and I have a two-hour commute that allows me to hear a lot of the sports world's most popular opinions. Sometime... more

The one player I've been asked about the most over the past month, be it on Twitter, Facebook Live or in line at H&M, is Deshaun Watson. Like, "should I start this dude?" I feel like that question has been pretty much been put to rest. We've answered... more

What we are talking about: Jordan Howard He'll be better with Trubisky Ben Roethlisberger Throw away those home/road splits MLB Playoffs Who to root for in the AL? So I had Andy Dalton in a league ([deity] damn it, Rank ... stop... more

Listen, I don't try to live my life as a contrarian. That's not true -- I kind of do. I spend a lot of time in public houses and taverns, and I have a two-hour commute that allows me to hear a lot of the sports world's most popular opinions. Sometime... more

There's an old joke that says, hey, this guy is playing chess and everybody else is playing checkers. I know, hilarious. But it made me think of Rams coach Sean McVay. Because if McVay is playing chess, then last season Jeff Fisher was peeling potato... more


What we are talking about: Jameis Winston Tough draw for a bounce back Matthew Stafford He can beat the Vikings D/ST "Curb Your Enthusiasm" It's back and I have thoughts Should this be considered a Drew Brees revenge game? I know... more

I have this team that is 3-0. And yes, "Come on Rank, nobody cares about your fantasy teams. Just get to the sleepers and stop with this nonsense." God, yes. I get it. Nobody cares about my fantasy team. But can I have just a little bit of fun? I wan... more

What we are talking about: Tarik Cohen Talk about "FLEX" appeal Trevor Siemian Can we trust him against the Bills? Wrestlemania wish list It's never too early ... Bobby the Brain Heenan truly was one of the greatest ever at his... more

Back in 1989, I got tickets for my birthday to see the Rams play host to the 49ers at Anaheim Stadium on "Monday Night Football." The Rams took an early 17-3 lead, but then John Taylor caught two (TWO) touchdown passes of more than 90 yards (90!) to... more

The Rams and 49ers have been facing off for seven decades. How do the best all-time players from each franchise stack up against each other? Adam Rank breaks it down.... more

It was festive week in Los Angeles. Mostly because Jay Cutler was in town! All right, I might have been the only one who noticed. But what a great week it was! I had almost bought a ticket for the Dolphins and Chargers game on Sunday to see Jay. Wh... more

What we are talking about: Sam Bradford We're sticking with him Eli Manning Is this the beginning of the end? "Bachelor in Paradise" About this season ... I was doing the walk of shame on Sunday afternoon. And no, not that walk of... more

Why should I listen to you, you told me to start Rex Burkhead last week?! Look. Some mistakes were made. But for the record, here's what I looked like when Burkhead got the starting nod for the Patriots last week and had that nice run to start the ga... more

What we are talking about: Aaron Rodgers He's good at the football Philip Rivers Dreadful matchup for my dude "Bachelor in Paradise" Jerk alert!!! "Remind me of how happy I was to make this pick" -- Adam Rank. Yes, I'm quoting... more

I got a panicked text from one of my friends this week. "RANK! I need sleepers!" Sleepers? In Week 1? It's like the scene in "Ocean's 11" When Rusty (Brad Pitt) is teaching a bunch of "Teen Beat" cover models how to play poker. The dude from "Seve... more


Sleepers Breakouts Deep sleepers Players to avoid Bargains It's that time of year again, where sleepers dominate nearly every conversation I have in the outside world. Just the other day, this Reverend asked me for a sleeper runn... more

Tom Brady turned 40 on Thursday. And if you don't know, I'm a huge Brady guy. Ask anybody. So I kind of wanted to get him something. I know he's into healthy eating, but let's be serious; his juicer probably costs more than my car. So in lieu of a fi... more


I know Vince McMahon doesn't care much for tag-team wrestling -- I mean, seriously, Enzo and Cass and DIY are both gone? -- but I love it. Mostly because I grew up worshipping Edge and Christian. With that in mind, here is my stab at the best RB-WR... more

I know Vince McMahon doesn't care much for tag-team wrestling -- I mean, seriously, Enzo and Cass and DIY are both gone? -- but I love it. Mostly because I grew up worshipping Edge and Christian. With that in mind, here is my stab at the best RB-WR t... more

AFC West Fan Guides: Broncos Chiefs Chargers Raiders Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

AFC West Fan Guides: Broncos Chiefs Chargers Raiders Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

AFC West Fan Guides: Broncos Chiefs Chargers Raiders Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

AFC West Fan Guides: Broncos Chiefs Chargers Raiders Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

AFC East Fan Guides: Patriots Dolphins Bills Jets Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

AFC East Fan Guides: Patriots Dolphins Bills Jets Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

AFC East Fan Guides: Patriots Dolphins Bills Jets Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

AFC East Fan Guides: Patriots Dolphins Bills Jets Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

AFC South Fan Guides: Colts Jaguars Texans Titans Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

AFC South Fan Guides: Colts Jaguars Texans Titans Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

AFC South Fan Guides: Colts Jaguars Texans Titans Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

AFC South Fan Guides: Colts Jaguars Texans Titans Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more


AFC North Fan Guides: Steelers Bengals Ravens Browns Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

AFC North Fan Guides: Steelers Bengals Ravens Browns Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

AFC North Fan Guides: Steelers Bengals Ravens Browns Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

AFC North Fan Guides: Steelers Bengals Ravens Browns Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an inst... more

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NFC North Fan Guides: Packers Lions Vikings Bears Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

NFC North Fan Guides: Packers Lions Vikings Bears Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

NFC North Fan Guides: Packers Lions Vikings Bears Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instant... more

NFC East Fan Guides: Cowboys Giants Redskins Eagles Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an insta... more

NFC East Fan Guides: Cowboys Giants Redskins Eagles Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an insta... more

NFC East Fan Guides: Cowboys Giants Redskins Eagles Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an insta... more

NFC East Fan Guides: Cowboys Giants Redskins Eagles Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an insta... more

NFC West Fan Guides: Seahawks Cardinals Rams 49ers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instan... more

NFC West Fan Guides: Seahawks Cardinals Rams 49ers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instan... more

NFC West Fan Guides: Seahawks Cardinals Rams 49ers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instan... more

Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this ongoing series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instantly rabid fan of each organization in the league. Click on... more

NFC West Fan Guides: Seahawks Cardinals Rams 49ers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an instan... more

NFC South Fan Guides: Falcons Saints Panthers Buccaneers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an... more

NFC South Fan Guides: Falcons Saints Panthers Buccaneers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an... more


Sleepers Breakouts Players to avoid Bargains Deep sleepers We are closing in on the start of summer which means we are getting close to ... wedding season. No, I wasn't going to say fantasy football prep because if you haven't... more

NFC South Fan Guides: Falcons Saints Panthers Buccaneers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an... more

NFC South Fan Guides: Falcons Saints Panthers Buccaneers Interested in rooting for one of the NFL's 32 teams -- but don't know where to start? Adam Rank has you covered with this series, which will present a handy guide to becoming an... more

Cortez Kennedy earned a scholarship to Northwest Mississippi Community College. But like a lot of college kids, he had to find a way to earn some money to get by. So he did what a lot of us did back then -- he got a gig delivering pizzas. The only... more

Back in the dark ages, and by that I mean the late 1990s and early 2000s, my roommate and some of our neighbors in Eastside Costa Mesa, California, spent a little bit too much time playing "Madden NFL" and, uh, eating sandwiches. One day my buddy... more

Michael Fabiano James Koh Marcas Grant Alex Gelhar Adam Rank In honor of NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2017" series (airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET), the NFL Fantasy team is releasing their preliminary top 100 or 200 fantasy... more

The NFL Draft is over. Thank God. I was so excited headed into that first night. Then the unpleasantness happened. Because somehow I managed to go through the five stages of grief after the Bears selection of Mitch (I won't call him Mitchell, because... more


There is always one move in fantasy football that sticks with you, and you end up talking about it for years. Typically, it's something awful. Like this year when I started Marcus Mariota and he ended up breaking his leg. It's not that I blame him, b... more


What's the greatest dynasty ever? Easy. "Star Wars." Started with a three-peat (Episodes IV-VI, dorks). Two 1-15 seasons (with the prequels). Episode III was like a playoff season, with Episode VII and "Rogue One" being a return to championship glory... more

What's the greatest dynasty ever? Easy. "Star Wars." Started with a three-peat (Episodes IV-VI, dorks). Two 1-15 seasons (with the prequels). Episode III was like a playoff season, with Episode VII and "Rogue One" being a return to championship glory... more


What we are talking about: Movie quarterbacks Why Lance Harbor is the best Starters getting benched! Who's out, and who to pick up Alex Collins The Seahawks RB to own Maybe it's the time of the year. Or the fact that fantasy footb... more

You know, I had a half a mind to leave you folks hanging this week because I don't care for fantasy leagues that play Week 17 championship games. Plus, we've suffered a huge loss recently, too. And while I don't want to be that person who takes the d... more

What we are talking about: Carlos Hyde Ready to roll vs. Rams Rogue One! Let's discuss ... Marcus Mariota Can he be trusted? I used to have this coach who had a funny saying. He'd go, "Rank, you don't look good in a uniform." Actu... more

You know, you underestimate a guy and the things that can happen. And no, this isn't an anecdote about Ty Montgomery, though that guy looked really good last week. This wasn't one of those, 'Well, he was playing the Bears' situation. Because the Bear... more

What we are talking about: Kirk Cousins He's an every-week starter Worried about Ben And not because he's on the road "Irish Hello" update How I pulled it off It's playoff time. Well not for everybody. Take a look. Missed... more

Oh man. The Los Angeles Rams broke my heart as a youngster. Eric Dickerson was traded while I was trick-or-treating. They gave up two 90-yard touchdown receptions to John Taylor in a Monday Night Game the day after my birthday (but thanks for the tic... more

What we are talking about: Todd Gurley Last chance starting saloon "Batman vs. Superman" Stop hating, haters. The "Irish Hello" Troll your friends this holiday season There are some pretty underrated things in the world. Like when... more

If you're reading this, congratulations. That means Drew Brees (or an assortment of high-end quarterbacks) did not derail your fantasy season. Seriously, what the hell was that, Week 13? So many high-end quarterbacks let you down when you needed them... more

What we are talking about: Jameis Winston Quietly delivering in fantasy Blake Bortles vs. DEN Sorry about your luck. Dickerson v. Fisher Who's right? What's next? They say sometimes the best trades are the ones you never make. And... more


Malcolm Mitchell, amirite? I don't think anyone has gotten over this hard on a Hogan since Bill Goldberg went over Hulk Hogan at the Georgia Dome in 1998. What's interesting to note here, Goldberg played for the Atlanta Falcons. Which is part of the... more

What we are talking about: The Raiders! Not fandom, but so much love for this team. Todd Gurley God help us all. Melvin Gordon He's really good, but faces a tough matchup. The Raiders are the best team in the AFC. And before you... more

Can you believe what we just saw on Sunday night? I do think it was one of the most improbable things I've seen in quite some time. The kind of thing that has you stunned (which is weird because of what just happened recently in this country) and lyi... more

What we are talking about: Jared Goff starting Does this change anything? Eli Manning Continuing to crush dreams AFC Championship Adam's dream matchup ... There is a change in the air. At least in Los Angeles. Well, not the act... more

Quarterbacks. They grow up so fast. Just look at Marcus Mariota. Earlier this season, we were spooked to play him at home (because numbers) and only wanted to play him in certain matchups. But right now, he's a must-start quarterback every week. Ma... more

What we are talking about: Dak Prescott Deserves to keep starting Big Ben Did he return too soon (again)? Andy Reid The NFL's most underrated coach Tony Romo has returned to practice this week and it's a surprise how much coverage... more

I am really starting to hate the Denver Broncos (and not because of getting Peyton Manning a bogus second ring last year). But "hate" might be a little bit harsh. I might be in the subtle loathing stage. Kind of like those people who like to post pas... more

What we are talking about: Russell Wilson Running out of rope as a fantasy starter Aaron Rodgers Is he officially back? Norv Turner Accurately remembering his Chargers tenure I used to have this job where I worked at a local Rite... more

Here's the news, if you have Odell Beckham Jr., you are in luck. He's about to take off this week. I don't have any inside information or a glimpse into the mind of Ben McAdoo or anything like that. (If I did have a glimpse into his mind, I would wan... more


In honor of Halloween, we count down the most terrifying players to take the field in NFL history. Try not to be too scared.... more

What we are talking about: Stephen Gostkowski I'm sorry for cursing you Tony Romo Don't pull a Kobe on the Cowboys Devonta Freeman Posts monster numbers sans Tevin Coleman Oh no, I did it again. And I owe an apology to the fans of... more

We should take some time to pour one out for C.J. Anderson. Oh, he's fine. And he's still really good at football. But his time as a lead running back is over. Not that we didn't see this coming. (This is the part of the story where I would link back... more

What we are talking about: Antonio Brown Stay the course, sans Big Ben. DeAndre Hopkins Find a way to bench him. My thoughts on ... Who deserves a Super Bowl the most? If you spent some time reading this space last week, well, ble... more

Marcus Mariota and I are going to need to work on our communication. I remember distinctly last week when I warned folks that Mariota doesn't play well at home (he was miserable at home, in fact). I also felt this was the kind of game the Titans woul... more

What we are talking about: Colin Kaepernick Glad he's starting again "Rogue One" trailer Reaction and a Marc Sessler cameo Eli Manning Stop ruining OBJ and my fantasy teams Am I the only person who is excited for Colin Kaepernick... more

So I'm tinkering with my lineup on Sunday morning, as I'm wont to do. I have Matthew Stafford as my starting quarterback. But Brian Hoyer is still floating out there on the wire in my League of Record. Which is weird for a number of reasons. For star... more

What we are talking about: Odell Beckham Jr. Chill, people. "The Flash" Season premiere thoughts! Matt Forte Bench the former Bear. This receiver is garbage. Straight trash. Pure dukes. I can't believe I wasted a first-round... more

I was looking over my rosters last week and the thought hit me, "I'm starting way too many Lions." Which didn't seem like a bad thing the first few weeks of the season. But it seemed out of sorts for me. And full disclosure if you're not familiar wit... more


What we are talking about: Le'Veon Bell He's baaaaaaaaack Carson Palmer Time to panic? The "Doyle" Rule Start Zach Miller Feels so nice to get @L_Bell26 back in the lineup. ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank)... more

This might surprise you, but I'm a "Star Wars" fan. I know, weird right? You probably would have never known when you consider my daughter's name is Ahsoka. So it's safe to say I enjoy the movies. "Empire" (Episode V) is obviously the best and we wil... more

What we are talking about: C-Woke! Is it finally his time? Marcus Mariota Raiders defense, amirite? Aaron Rodgers Time for a reality check There's a local radio host who loves to float out blind items about people. (All right, it'... more

Is it a good sign when you spend most of Monday night looking at hot coaching prospects for the coming season? Because really, that's one of the few things you have to look forward to as a Bears fan right now. I always like to say the right thing, an... more

The Rams played their first home game in Southern California in 22 years. Our Adam Rank was there 22 years ago during the Rams final season, so we sent him to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to capture his emotions about the team's return. Take it... more

What we are talking about: Spencer Ware He's set up for another big game. Drew Brees Find a way to bench him. My thoughts on ... The Los Angeles Rams When I was a youngster I once bet a kid in my reading class that the Rams were g... more

If you know me at all, you know I love Madden. I'm a huge fan. And you know the first thing I used to do when playing dynasty mode would be to move St. Louis back to Los Angeles. Though, I can't remember a situation where my version of the new Los An... more

What we are talking about: Devonta Freeman Here's why I hate the pick. Christine Michael This dude is so woke. Melvin Gordon He's not going to cut it. Welcome back to Week 1, and please forgive me if this column finds you a little... more

There is a spot around the corner from my house that has a brand new restaurant concept about every 18 months. The place is an absolute hit for the first six months, then fizzles and then goes dark. And months later: boom! A new restaurant! I think i... more


Well I suppose summer vacation is over. One intrepid tweeter told me the other day, "enough with the summer fluff pieces on Stephen Gostkowski and time to get into some really fantasy seriousness." And he is right. I'm kind of ready to get to fantas... more


Did I ever tell you about the time I totally called ... No, no, no. I'll spare you. I mean, everybody wants to boast when they nail a prediction. It's one of the most basic of the human instincts: Eat, sleep, and brag about your "How I Met Your Mot... more

I make a lot of questionable decisions and rarely have anything to show for it. Which is, I'll admit a weird way to get started here. But wait, that's not entirely true. I own a box of 2003 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Auto Brandon Wood cards. I think I... more

Sleepers Deep Sleepers Breakouts Bargains Busts I had a long think about this the other day, but who do you think is the biggest sleeper in the WWE? I would have said Cody Rhodes before he left the company. He was never used... more

I had a long think about this the other day, but who do you think is the biggest sleeper in the WWE? I would have said Cody Rhodes before he left the company. He was never used correctly and the dude is just 30 years old. With him gone, it has to be... more


Rob Gronkowski was revealed as the cover athlete for Electronic Arts'†Madden NFL 17 †on Thursday. Gronk joined an impressive fraternity of cover athletes which includes such NFL luminaries Brett Favre, Mike Vick and Barry Sanders (anybody who has pla... more

The NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2016" series has returned. Tune in each Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network to see the next set of 10 players revealed on the list! Welcome to Rank's 111, my top rankings for the coming fantasy season.... more

Hold on to your hats everybody, because I have a huge sleeper for you. But here's the thing; you can't go telling everybody. I need all of you to agree to keep cool, and not spread this around. No Tomfoolery. No chicanery. Nothing! So here it is. My... more


Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former Michigan State wide receiver Aaron Burbridge. Aaron Burbridge is going to be a very interestin... more

Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former Arizona State wide receiver D.J. Foster. There will be a day, in the not-too-distant future, w... more

NFL and Wrestlemania 2016 March 31, 2016

WrestleMania XXXII emanates from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, this Sunday. And as tradition, we take a look at some current WWE superstars and try to figure out who their NFL counterpart would be. Yes, the phrase ?as tradition? means that we do... more

Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect (or two) who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former Utah running back Devontae Booker. Devontae Booker is one of those running backs you... more

Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former UCLA wide receiver Jordan Payton. I'm from Chicago. So it stands to reason I would really like... more

Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former Cal running back Daniel Lasco. Hey, Cal running backs. Amirite? Cal has produced some pretty... more

Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former Illinois running back Josh Ferguson. I have made a promise to myself to temper my enthusiasm w... more

Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect (or two) who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former Ohio State wide receiver Braxton Miller. Braxton Miller is going to be one of the mos... more

Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today's subject is former Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch. Quarterback problems, am I right? It's a problem that hits t... more


Welcome to Super Bowl 50! What a fantastic matchup we have for you this coming week as we have two of the bitterest rivals in NFL history squaring off for football's ultimate prize. Honestly. The cool thing is that not only will Super Bowl 50 feature... more


Tennessee would be a terrible landing spot for Chip Kelly; mostly because there are no Pro Bowl players for him to trade away. ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) December 30, 2015 I'm going to miss Chip Kelly. He was a lot of fun to have in the NFL. It's... more

Congratulations to all of you who earned fantasy championships over the weekend. Consider it a job well done, and you should all be proud. It took a lot of hard work, many hours enduring James Koh and I do our Danger Zone picks, and possibly a little... more

What we are talking about: Antonio Brown Karma is bound to do me in. "Star Wars" Yes, again. OBJ Let's hope he learns from this. You might want to bench Antonio Brown this week. I know, the matchup is delicious because the Raven... more

Danger Zone! As many of you know, James Koh and I do a segment on the Wednesday and Sunday show called The Danger Zone which will showcase some deep, deep sleepers. Mostly because we recognize there is a segment of fantasy enthusiasts who play in d... more

Happy championship week to many of you. If you participate in this column, I hope this tale of woe came via that one league you barely keep track of but only participate in it because one of your co-workers bullied you into it. And said person then... more

What we are talking about: "Star Wars" Did you expect anything less? "Star Wars" Duh, what else? "Star Wars" Are you sensing a theme yet? I was at a grocery store the other day in a "Star Wars" T-shirt and had this exchange with t... more

There are some picks you are very proud of. I took Antonio Brown in the first round of the majority of my leagues. That has worked out very well. I loved Allen Robinson and joined Matt Harmon as the second-in-command on that hype train. Maybe third... more

I hate that I have to be a part of my own #MondayNightmare column. ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) December 15, 2015 I went to bed with my eyes locked on that point total. Woke up this morning and continued to look at it. A... more

What we are talking about: LeSean McCoy REVENGE GAME! Duke Johnson Take a ride into the Danger Zone! Julio Jones Start him, despite the bad matchup. You hear so much about revenge games in the NFL. But this week's might be the big... more

Should I bench Julio Jones? That's the question that many of you are asking this week or hell, you've probably asked once you saw Lake Norman on the fantasy playoff schedule. Twice, no less. So here is my advice for you in this situation. Bench J... more

It‚??s playoff time! And nothing says playoffs more than that Dallas Cowboys and Washington game on Monday night. Although, if you‚??re like me and spent most of the night watching RAW instead, only to tune in for the final minutes of the MNF game, w... more

What we are talking about: Brock Osweiler vs Peyton Manning Is it even a decision at this point? C.J. Anderson THE Broncos RB to roll with. Demaryius Thomas Yes ... all of the Broncos this week. What's up everybody? I know I typic... more

This is going to be hard to do. Drew Brees has been a stalwart for fantasy enthusiasts for years. A player you could count on every year. But damn, it might be time to start looking at other options. I know he won you a fantasy league title last ye... more

Well, that happened. This was going to be the column where I complained about how Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins disappeared despite being the best in the business and having great matchups. Well, I guess the Vikings weren't that great of a matchup... more


What we are talking about: Brock Osweiler It's his time to shine Michael Crabtree The most reliable WR in Oakland? Jeremy Maclin Where are the fantasy points!? I channel my @HeymanHustle as I advocate Brock Osweiler in fantasy... more

Tom Brady is available in your fantasy league right now. Well, sort of. If you stream quarterbacks against the Saints the rest of the way, you can expect a better output than you are getting from the Patriots quarterback right now. So that's wh... more

@adamrank just had the ultimate #MakeItWorkMoment . Saw Lynch was out...grabbed Rawls off the #WaiverWire where I could and started him ‚?? packergirl (@p9cker_girl) November 22, 2015 I know some experts bristle at the thought of luck being a p... more

What we are talking about: Cam Newton His dance, and that mom's letter Jeremy Hill Can't start him, can't drop him T.Y. Hilton Now is a good time to trade him away I'm going to try to get Cam Newton on my roster for the rest of th... more

The Chicago Bears are in a pretty precarious predicament here in Week 11. The team is 4-5, which is awesome. They were competitive with a chance to win in two of those losses, which would have made this team 6-3. But as it stands right now (according... more

@NFLfantasy @adamrank @FantasySixPack Oh well... it was good while it lasted #HOUvsCIN ‚?? Richard Savill (@RRSSavill) November 17, 2015 I'm just going to go and guess that the majority of you needed a few more poi... more

What we are talking about: First-round draft picks Pretty much all of them are busts Larry Fitzgerald It's a good idea to avoid him if you can Jarvis Landry I sense a big game coming I'm not sure if you're allowed to pass on all o... more

I know a lot of people don't like to draft quarterbacks early. I'm not sure you even need to draft a quarterback at all anymore. Tyrod Taylor, Derek Carr and Blake Bortles have been three of the best quarterbacks in fantasy, all of them were likely... more

Show of hands here, who got really worried when Ka'Deem Carey ran the football early on Monday night? It's like your worst feeling as a fantasy analyst. Forget your own fantasy team, I was super morose for those folks who I advised to start Langford... more

What we are talking about: Colin Kaepernick They tried turning him into something he's not. Doug Martin His consistent production plus a great matchup means good things Eddie Lacy Has he be become a TD-dependent fantasy RB? Today... more

I have to admit something I never thought I would ever (and I mean ever) do. I wanted to watch the Raiders game. I know. As somebody who grew up in Southern California on the opposite side of the Raiders/Rams rivalry, I never thought there would be a... more

If we could establish garbage time for Andrew Luck by the end of the first quarter that would be GRRRREEEAAATT ... ‚?? Brad Evans (@YahooNoise) November 3, 2015 I don't know how you folks who have Andrew Luck in your... more


What we are talking about: Ben Roethlisberger He's baaaaacckkkk! What's not to like? Mike Evans He should be fine, even in a bad matchup. The end of RAW Did you see it? It was awesome! Ben is playing! Those words danced around... more

Darren McFadden is the top waiver wire option this week? ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) October 27, 2015 This pretty much summed up my feelings on Tuesday afternoon as I put in my waiver claims. This isn't the situation I w... more

@adamrank Mixed feelings as a saints fan, Victory Formation lost me my fantasy game by 0.2 points. #MondayNightmare ‚?? James Whittaker (@JimmyWhitt) October 27, 2015 I had Carson Palmer working a number of ways on M... more

What we are talking about: Eddie Lacy What do we do with him? Matthew Stafford Nice game last week, but still don't trust him. "Star Wars" trailer Why would you not buy tickets in advance!? Oh, Eddie Lacy. I play host to a fanta... more

Can you dig it ? That's right, Stefon Diggs has graduated from Danger Zone University and he's got a spot here leading off Rank's 11. I know, his family must be so proud of him right now. I mean, it's cool to make an NFL roster and everything. But... more

@adamrank Final Outcome! ‚?? David C Stark (@DavidCStark1) October 20, 2015 Before we get started tonight, let's lead off with this tweet from David C. Stark. Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your... more

What we are talking about: DeAndre Hopkins He'll be good to go, even in a tough matchup Jeremy Maclin Less opportunities, more three-and-outs for KC MLB Playoffs Let's go Cubbies! I really don't like fantasy trades. I once played... more

The internet after Jay Cutler rallies the @ChicagoBears for a gutty win ... ???? ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) October 11, 2015 Although it might be fair to point out that the internet has now turned its attention to Matt... more

Needed 11 points from Antonio Brown in a PPR league. #MondayNightmare came true. ‚?? Ryan Kennedy (@Ryan_Kennedy22) October 13, 2015 Mike Vick has finally done what no defense back has been able to do: Stop Antonio Brown. Call him the premiere... more

What we are talking about: Todd Gurley Use him each and every week Colin Kaepernick This is bad ... Like really, really bad Martavis Bryant Waiting to see chemistry with Vick Dude! Todd Gurley was the man! Seriously. There was... more

The Chicago Bears won on Sunday. And after the moment of disbelief fades away, it's not hyperbole to say there was a lot on the line for the Bears and really the entire City of Big Shoulders in Week 4. For generations, the Oakland Raiders have been... more

@adamrank maybe if he was running towards the back like you're taught since this 5yo, he might have recovered it ‚?? Lucas Corbin (@CorbinXplosion) October 6, 2015 Part of me believes we probably won't see a Monday Ni... more

What we are talking about: Tyrod Taylor Full-time starting fantasy QB Colin Kaepernick How much worse could it get? Marshawn Lynch Move him while you still can This is a terrible start to the season for quarterbacks. Big names lik... more


There was a time in my life when I didn't care for sushi. It seems like such a long time ago when you consider I spent every Tuesday night at Tsunami Sushi in Huntington Beach, Calif. to take advantage of its Tightwad Tuesday promotion. I mean, its... more

Aaron Rodgers helped quell that Eddie Lacy/James Starks fantasy dilemma by keeping all the touchdowns for himself. #mnf #KCvsGB ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) September 29, 2015 I was on both sides of Aaron Rodgers last night. I had him working in t... more

What we are talking about: Quarterback conundrums What are the Browns thinking!? Donte Moncrief Fantasy stud in the making Brandin Cooks Welp, that was a mistake What a crazy week for quarterbacks! I mean, I'm one step closer to b... more

.@adamrank predicted that @RobGronkowski will score 20 TDs in 2015... After WK 2, he's well on his way. #GR20NK ‚?? NFL Fantasy Football (@NFLfantasy) September 22, 2015 Yeah, buddy. Unlike my good friend Akbar, I l... more

If you have a quarterback working on Monday night, you always feel like you have a chance. Even Danny who tweeted NFL Fantasy Live on Monday, thought he had a chance with Andrew Luck and a 40-point deficit. Believe me, I've been there before. There w... more

What we are talking about: Da Bears This could be rough Ameer Abdullah The kid looks amazing Carlos Hyde I missed the boat This is going to be a tough week for Chicago Bears fans. I mean, the loss last week against Aaron Rodgers a... more

EA Sports I swore going into this season I would limit my Peyton Manning bashing. True, I've been a little hard on Archie Manning's second favorite son after Cooper, so maybe I could lighten up a bit. But then Manning Week 1 happened and... more

Yeah, buddy. I made this proclamation on "NFL Fantasy LIVE" last week. And I felt like a boss last Thursday night, too. I missed the first half of the Thursday night opener. No, it wasn't a lack of interest. I have "NFL Fantasy LIVE" on Thursday. We... more

Um, some of us needed that Jordan Matthews touchdown, Chip. #PHIvsATL #MNF ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) September 15, 2015 You will never find a person more vehemently opposed to replay than me. I understand, you want to get the call right. Believ... more

What we are talking about: Jeremy Hill Is he a top-5 fantasy RB? Peyton Manning Out with the old Stephen Colbert You gotta believe! I had a crisis of conscience during one of my fantasy drafts. As you might or might not know, I ha... more

Welcome to Week 1 of the fantasy football season! And I suppose the regular season, too, for you squares who still follow traditional football. I know that sounds a touch jaded, but I'm a Bears fan so that should all make sense now. But it's that t... more


Sleepers Deep Sleepers Breakouts Busts Bargains I've always had a big mouth. I'll take a moment to allow you to compose yourself as the shock of that statement lingers in the air. But I've always had a big mouth and it has often... more

In the latest episode of the NFL Fantasy LIVE podcast the gang discussed the value of Martavis Bryant vs Markus Wheaton and dove into some other AFC training camp battles to monitor. Don't forget to subscribe and listen in HERE ! I'm not sure if... more


Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! The Madden NFL 16 trailer is out, and I must say, it's awesome. Honestly, EA has set the bar rather high with the Star Wars Battlefront trailer which was released at E3 in Los Angeles and you can check that out h... more


Sleepers Deep Sleepers Breakouts Busts Bargains I was at the gym the other day. And yes, I realize this is a dangerous way to open a sleepers column. It gives off one of those, "Hey look at me" vibes you get from people who flood... more

What we are talking about: Darren McFadden Really, really like him for 2015 Kevin White The new number two in Chicago Tom Brady This is the most serious thing ever! The draft is over and many of us are wondering "what the heck we'... more

Star Wars Draft Day May 04, 2015

Today marks an important day for Star Wars fans; a brand new trailer for the upcoming film will premiere during tonight?s Monday Night Football matchup. To prepare yourself for tonight?s exclusive preview, take a look at the results from the NFL?s su... more


Colts safety Mike Adams made his rounds at the NFL Network studios this week and he openly complained that his team didn't get enough credit for shutting down Peyton Manning during last year's playoffs. Obviously, this generation of NFL superst... more

As a lot of you know, I love to play video games. (And if you didn't know, hi, my name is Adam. I love video games, comic books and Star Wars. In other words, I never really had a chance of being cool.) And while I'm a Madden enthusiast, I really lov... more

What we are talking about: Darren McFadden Really like him for 2015 Demaryius Thomas Will tumble down the board Roman Reigns Should have popped on RAW Jimmy Graham is a member of the Seattle Seahawks. I know ... it was pretty craz... more


Of the many reasons I'm happy I didn't have the internet around while growing up: my epic sports takes. The majority of my creative writing in elementary school included poems about Rod Carew's inability to drive in runs, and slams on the Los Angeles... more

WWE and the NFL March 27, 2015

WrestleMania XXXI emanates from Levi Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday, which is the home of Super Bowl 50 as well. And since the WWE and the NFL are two of my favorite things (it would be a trifecta if it included Archer), I took the liberty of compa... more


I don't know, Bills fans; is there really anything to be excited for in 2015? Any reason you should have optimism for the coming year? I seem to remember some news story from earlier this year, but what was it again? Oh, that's right. Rex Ryan to... more

Martavis Bryant. He was a lightning rod of controversy in our "League of Leagues" draft. By now you might have heard about the League of Leagues . It's the brain child of Grantland's Jonah Keri and NFL Media's Dave Dameshek where it's one big,... more

There has always been a kinship with the Philadelphia fans and your friends out here in Southern California. There are a number of Philly transplants who love to call our fair city (region) home. It's true. And most of them would never resign themsel... more

My editor walked over to my desk and was all, "Hey, I need you to write the Post Football Therapy session on the New York Giants." "No problem," I replied. Then I scribbled the name Odell Beckham Jr. on a Post-it Note and handed it off to him. I... more

This is going to be tough for some of you Denver Broncos fans to comprehend, mostly because you folks aren't the most rational fans in the world. Seriously. I live in AFC West country. Plus, I had season tickets and covered the San Diego Chargers for... more

Ah, man, the poor Birds. What a season for you folks. My friend Bill told me last summer that the Birds were going to be the first team in NFL history to play in the Super Bowl in their own home stadium. (And I would like to point out that Bill is... more

I used to envy the Cleveland Browns. No seriously. I was raised in Southern California and we used to have this team called the Los Angeles Rams. You might have heard of them from the movies. But the team was pretty awesome and popular and people fro... more

This is going to be pretty tough, but let me give this a shot. This Ravens' year was a pretty good season for most football teams. You beat your hated rivals in the playoffs. You took the eventual champs to the brink. All in all, a pretty good year.... more

Let's talk about Devonta Freeman. Yes, that Devonta Freeman. I know some of you might be all, "Hey, didn't you promise to wear John Cena shoes on NFL Fantasy LIVE if he didn't get 200 touches last year?" And yes, I did promise that. Did he? I'm no... more

The 2014 NFL season sure didn't turn out the way many of us Bears fans had planned on, right? Many of us (or at least I) figured the Bears would make a deep, deep playoff run. I predicted the Bears would go to the NFC Championship game to lose to the... more

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! I had no idea what that meant when I approached the Bold City Brigade waiting outside of Radio City Music Hall for the 2014 NFL Draft. But it didn't take long for me to become smitten with this fanbase. Althoug... more

I'm going to put this out there on Front Street (or maybe Canal Street) for all of you Saints fans: Last year wasn't good. Although, this probably isn't breaking news to many of you. I'm sure many of the locals who hang out at St. Lawrence on North P... more

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I've come around on your uniforms. I was skeptical at first. The numbers looked kind of weird, like a digital alarm you see in hotel rooms. The cool scheme was kind of odd, and truth be told, I kind of lik... more

EA Sports By my unofficial count, more than 1,592 hours of Network programming broke down Super Bowl XLIX last week. Turns out, all we needed to do was to run the Madden simulator to figure out who was going to win the game. Seriously. You... more


I'm not sure if Patrick Peterson's win in the "2015 Madden Bowl" will be regarded with the same reverence as the "Miracle on Ice" or "Super Bowl XXXVI," but this was pretty big. (If you don't know "Miracle on Ice," you really need to watch Russell Cr... more

Bill Belichick, provider of the lifehack. If you caught Belichick during his most recent press conference on Deflategate, Ballghazi or whatever we're calling it now, he showed you the way. (For the record, can we please retire the notion of putting... more

I would like to thank the New England Patriots before we get to the sleepers today. Thanks to their latest scandal, we were able to forget that Andy Dalton is going to play in a Pro Bowl. So thank you, Patriots. I would also like to thank John Elwa... more

Peyton Manning played with an injury, everybody! That had to be it because the great Peyton Manning couldn't play that bad in a playoff game. A reasoned conclusion if you ignore the mountain of evidence and years (and years) of previous playoff fail... more

Just because the regular season is over doesn't mean our Adam Rank isn't hard at work to assemble Rank's 11. He will profile one player each week to keep an eye on for 2015. In addition, you might get some fantasy baseball, fantasy golf and other ass... more

I blew it. You all know I love to play Madden against the neighbor's kids and some dudes online in Denmark. I also love the NCAA game, too. (I wish they still made it.) I finally retired my NCAA franchise a few weeks ago after I led UNLV to champions... more

Just because the regular season is over doesn't mean our Adam Rank isn't hard at work to assemble Rank's 11. He will profile one player each week to keep an eye on for 2015. In addition, you might get some fantasy baseball, fantasy golf and other ass... more


What we are talking about: Odell Beckham Jr. Top WR headed into 2015 Ryan Tannehill Never trusting you again Orton v Cena Rivalries gone bad Find out if Adam Rank has any regrets about the 2014 fantasy season. Surely they can't be... more

I wanted to admonish the lot of you for your Week 17 championship week. But you're either brand new to fantasy, or you know better and have lobbied your commissioner to no avail. Which is cool. I can understand that. I still have a league which insis... more

I knew Peyton Manning couldn't help himself. Knew it! Peyton was on a hot streak. He had never been a more efficient quarterback than he had over the last couple of weeks. Take a load off, and hand the ball to C.J. Anderson. It's all he had to do.... more

Best line of the day from Twitter on Thursday: Jay Cutler has won more press conferences than games this year. No, not from my Twitter feed. I wish I could be that smart. But the point is Cutler looked pretty good on Thursday morning when he had to... more

What we are talking about: Mark Sanchez One last chance to do it Doug Martin Dude, too little, too late John Cena Who will he face at 'Mania? Adam Rank is disappointed that he won't get to see Lizzy Caplan shine in a starring role... more

Normally it would be silly to talk about quarterbacks in a sleeper column headed into championship week. But those who drafted Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers early in their leagues are likely watching the proceedings from home right now. And... more

I really feel for you guys and girls who had to sweat out Monday night's game to get some much needed fantasy points. It took a while to get there. Those who needed big games from Alshon Jeffery and Mark Ingram finally got it. But to those Jimmy Grah... more

Oh no, somebody is going to get fired at EA Sports this week. Peyton Manning is down to a 97 rating. You read that correctly: he's down to a 97 rating. And if there is one thing I've learned over the years covering football it's that people don't lik... more

What we are talking about: Johnny Manziel ICYMI: He will start this week! Johnny Manziel He rode a swan in a pool once Johnny Manziel Everybody at NFL Media has to Choosing the 2014 NFL MVP is a tough decision. Adam Rank thinks it... more

I was ready to come here to make a mea culpa about Mark Sanchez. But if you benched Peyton Manning and started Sanchez this week, well, you would probably be very happy with me right now. And since that describes none of you (I will need proof if you... more

This might have to be my final Monday Nightmare. I started this column years ago because I sat here and complained endlessly about a loss because Brett Favre went into overtime and beat my team with a touchdown to Antonio Freeman. He might have also... more

I kind of like Rex Ryan's style. Back in the day when I first learned to play Madden against more skilled competition, I would bleed the clock with the run game, which would frustrate my opponents (especially with the default five-minute quarters). Y... more

What we are talking about: Mark Sanchez Chill, people. He'll be fine. Robert Griffin III Dude, what happened to you? Suicide Squad Greatest. Movie. Cast. Ever. EVER! Margot Robbie will play Harley Quinn in the upcoming "Suicide... more

Would you want to trust your fantasy season to Mark Sanchez? Actually, I would. Sanchez has played pretty well in recent weeks and he's been a pretty reliable fantasy option. Good for at least 300 yards, even in his off days. Plus he had the added... more

Hey, if I ever back a "flavor of the week" quarterback please proceed to kick me in the guts. I knew once everybody started being all about this guy, he was prone for an epic fail. I even mentioned it during Like/dislike last week, too. So I'm not... more


My youngest nephew is at a very delightful age. For starters, he looks like Jordy Nelson must have looked as a youngster. He's also at a delightful age where he's old enough to play and enjoy Madden. But not old enough to dominate (yet). Thus, we s... more

Oh Bill Belichick. I love the old Sith Lord, but he's starting to get predictable in his unpredictability. The vast majority of the world wasn't on Jonas Gray two weeks ago, and that was classic Belichick. He snuck in a guy who only a few of us playe... more

This has been a pretty strange year for me in my League of Record. As in I'm struggling to make the playoffs. I have that team that was stung by injuries and stuff (I had Adrian Peterson and Ryan Mathews as my top two backs and then had to drop RM be... more

What we are talking about: Ryan Tannehill This week's QB of the year Robert Griffin III Dude, what happened to you? Sting He was awesome, just want more I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty great, until I realized... more

Congratulations to the Oakland Raiders on their first victory of the season ! But can I say, I'm most happy for Rod Marinelli and the 2008 Detroit Lions. I'm sure Dan Orlovsky, Roy Williams and Shaun Cody were gathered at Edna's Wing Palace in Grosse... more

What we are talking about: Russell Wilson Poised for a huge game Robert Griffin III Super savvy in social media Happy Endings The spirit of the show lives on Josh Gordon! He's back and you can't wait to start him. Not that anybo... more

Jonas Gray everybody! Now what? We're stuck in that limbo situation where he can't possibly have that huge performance again, so why would you play him? Although, that is the same kind of thinking which kept you from starting Ben Roethlisberger... more

I don't blame you if you have asked yourself why Ben Roethlisberger hates your fantasy team so much. I mean, you likely didn't start him the first time he threw six touchdown passes in a game. And then nobody would have blamed you if you thought it... more

Ben Roethlisberger set the bar high a few weeks ago when he threw six touchdown passes in a game. Twice. And then, Aaron Rodgers answered the call with six touchdown passes in one half. So, who is going to be the quarterback who throws six touchdown... more

What we are talking about: Philip Rivers Matchup is not that great Jay Cutler He's going to smoke us Naya Rivera She makes the world much better Why are people trying to break the internet? The internet gives us many wonderful thi... more

Let's play GUESS MARK SANCHEZ'S MNF STAT LINE I'm going with 14/24, 190 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT. ‚?? Patrick Crawley (@pecrawleynfl) November 11, 2014 Where are your butt fumble jokes now? I almost wish Mark Sanchez would have taken the podium followi... more

Really starting to feel terrible for the LeSean McCoy holders who have suffered through a terrible season with, what could have been, their top draft point. I would even reason McCoy has hurt fantasy owners more than any other running back selected i... more

EA Sports I really love to play dynasty mode in all of my EA Sports franchises. So, when the fine folks asked me to put together my ultimate team, I quickly shot back a note that said, "I will take the 2013 LSU Tigers." But then they... more

I never really bought into the Raiders conspiracy theories. I always found them somewhat laughable. Although, I grew up minutes from Anaheim Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams, so I always kind of resented the Raiders growing up; and their fans wh... more

What we are talking about: Aaron Rodgers He's going to crush us, right? Tony Romo Relax the back, dude Dolph Ziggler Dude! What are you doing? Whenever I see "There's Something About Mary " on the pay channels, you can pretty much... more

The life of a New York Jets fan can't be an easy one. Because most of the Jets fans I know also support the New York Mets, and well, things aren't as great as being one of those who cheers for the Yankees and Giants. And really, one of the most... more

There will be a day when I sit my grandkids down and tell them about the time I survived both Nick Foles being injured and Philip Rivers negative point total in Week 9 of the 2014 NFL season. And since I have you for a moment, I've never believed in... more

Far beyond the glitz and the glam of the NFL draft is a large legion of players who have to follow their dreams of playing in the NFL by going to regional combines in hope of attracting the attention of NFL scouts. This Tuesday, NFL Network... more


I consider myself a rather jaded sports fan. I mean, it takes quite a lot to make me smile. Though, I did rather enjoy the last Super Bowl for some odd reason. I mean I really, really enjoyed that game. Maybe it was the cold weather or something.... more

What we are talking about: Tom Brady Rooting for the good guy! Tony Romo Relax the back, dude Life hacks Navigate your world better If you've spent any time with me this football season (or just about any time), you know how I fee... more

I was down with Ken Whisenhunt when he benched Matt Leinart for Kurt Warner. It was the wise move to make. As evidenced by an appearance in the Super Bowl (I'm still waiting for them to review the last "fumble" by Warner). And really, one of the... more

The only way this #MNF game would make sense is if the entire Giants team does a run-in here like #RAW . #WASvsDAL ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) October 28, 2014 I don't know where to begin with this Monday night game. I feel a little like John... more

Hey, everybody, sorry for the delay in getting this column out to you. I had the greatest opportunity in the world. Yep, I had the chance to be the scoreboard operator in Denver on Thursday night. I know, I was pretty excited about it, too. But in th... more

What we are talking about: Nick Foles One more chance for you! Jay Cutler Time for some tough love "Marry Me' Actually a pretty good show I'm really digging what the St. Louis Football Club is all about right now. Did you not see... more

Well if you know anything about me, I'm completely transparent. So I will admit to you that I had readied myself to pen about 600 words on why Bryce Brown would be the better pickup in fantasy football this week. And then James Koh had to point out... more

What the hell happened at the end of Monday night? I mean, my phone started blowing up because my pal Reader Matt P. was watching Dean Ambrose light up the scream on RAW, so I figured it was safe to turn away. But yeah, I forgot about the... more

What we are talking about: Philip Rivers Fear the bolo. Fear it! Drew Brees Not as automatic as you think Life hacks Navigate your world Just for poops and giggles, I went back to look at one of my old championship teams from my... more

Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys! By beating the Seattle Seahawks at home, you've done something that hasn't been accomplished since, well, the Arizona Cardinals did it in Week 16 of 2013. But hey, let's spend a week talking about how the Cowboy... more

I get a text message from my dear friend, Doc Z, on Monday morning. A guy I've probably known longer than anybody outside my immediate family. So he obviously knows me well as he sends this: "I have you right where you hate to be going into Monday... more

EA Sports I totally get Michael Vick. The backup Jets quarterback admitted this week that he was ill-prepared to play for his squad against the Chargers in Week 5. I totally get that. If my company was going to pay for me to go on a weekend... more

What we are talking about: Russell Wilson A must-start fantasy QB Ben Tate Start him while you still can Tony Romo What are you talking about? The Herschel Walker trade happened 25 years ago this week. Which is pretty amazing to t... more

Oh man, I feel like I'm headed down a dangerous road with Branden Oliver. And no, it's not because of his name. I'm really rooting for both Brandon Oliver and the correct spelling, Branden Oliver, to be trending simultaneously. #NYJvsSD ‚?? Adam... more

You have to feel for Akbar. He went into Monday night's game needed just a few points from Freddy Morris to win in the NFL Fantasy Live fantasy league. But he mustered just a few points from Morris and was handed another tough defeat. Yes, you have... more

EA Sports Good news for fans of the Oakland Raiders. No, it's great news, rather. I'm ready to take over the Raiders organization. Not just the coach, but I'm going to need to be in control of the whole thing. Sorry, that's the only way I... more

What we are talking about: Philip Rivers Fear the bolo. Fear it! Kirk Cousins Yeah, sit this one out please Life hacks You'll thank me later I like Larry Donnell. And this goes beyond the fact he plays fantasy football. That's c... more


Boy you've come to a weird point in your life when even Steve Gostkowski is somebody to avoid in fantasy circles. How is that possible? My man Elliot trailed me by 11.50 points headed into Monday night and honestly, I figured Gostkowski would get tha... more

The Cleveland Browns are doing the right thing with Brian Hoyer. He has played well enough to earn the starting gig, despite calls for Johnny Football to get into the mix. So here's the question I have for the Browns. If you are willing to make the... more

EA Sports Predictions are a big part of this column, so can I just go ahead and predict Giants TE Larry Donnell is going to see a huge ratings increase in next week's installment? I mean, I know this kind of puts me up there with some of the... more

What we are talking about: Aaron Rodgers Don't worry, he's fine Fred Jackson Why did I wait until now? Bruce Arians Best. Coach. Ever. EVER! Well this is going to be a fun week. Six teams on a bye. SIX. TEAMS. In Week 4. This is... more

Oh man, last year I played Kirk Cousins in the Super Bowl of our NFL Fantasy Live league and it almost ended in disaster. Cousins was the "darling" because he had a great matchup, but he didn't really produce. And I was lucky to survive with my third... more

@adamrank Brandon Marshall on 2 teams. Loose by 1 point and 4 points. After his 23 points on my bench last week. #MondayNightmare ‚?? Josh Sebert (@JoshSebert) September 23, 2014 Most of my job is often to offer consolation and encouragement.... more

EA Sports Was it my imagination or were the Atlanta Falcons playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on rookie mode last night? It was like one of those times when your buddy is over and really doesn't want to play Madden, but you convince him to... more

What we are talking about: Jay Cutler Smoking hot QB play of the week Freddy Morris He scored a TD! He scored two! L.A. Angels Your 2014 AL West champions! Nobody likes to watch those procedural dramas with me anymore. I don't... more

Oh boy. Jake Locker. I'm going to put it out there on Front Street. I was long-conned by Jake Locker last week. It looked like a great matchup on paper and not only did I recommend Locker strongly, I even sat Philip Rivers for him. So yeah, there's t... more

Oh. My God. As Darren Sproles pill-balled towards the end zone like some revelers walking down Bourbon Street late in the evening during the final moments of Monday night's game against the Colts, I really thought I was going to pull it off. The Mo... more

EA Sports My favorite non-news story of the week was LeSean McCoy and his 20 cents tip that made its way around social media and all of the people who were upset about McCoy being cheap. Even Charlie Sheen getting into the mix was a much... more

Oh, Donovan McNabb. Never stop being you. The former Eagles, Redskins and Vikings quarterback took some shots at my man Jay Cutler this week during a radio appearance. "He's the Tony Romo of the Midwest," McNabb said on 87.7 FM in Chicago. "We ca... more

What we are talking about: Matt Ryan Great Week 1, expect more Kelvin Benjamin This guy is the truth Sons of Anarchy What did I just see this week? Congratulations to the city of Buffalo, the Buffalo Bills and the Bills Mafia on n... more

I knew in the back of my mind Philip Rivers had a bad early stretch when I was doing one of my drafts this summer. I know because I had mentioned it on one of our August shows. But I didn't really mind too much because I needed a solid quarterback an... more

@adamrank Next time you talk to Larry, ask him how the movie was... ‚?? Mike Conrad (@MCinCorona) September 9, 2014 It's funny, if you go back to the origins of the #MondayNightmare column, it could be traced back to Mike above. I don't have the... more

What we are talking about: Ryan, Brees Points! Nothing but points! Jimmy Graham Your 2014 Fantasy MVP John Cena Prepare yourself; he's winning We are going to ride or die, Cordarrelle Patterson. It seems that no matter how many... more

If Derek Carr tears up the NFL, it will mark the second time David Carr has screwed the Houston Texans. Because you know the only reason Houston passed on Derek was that it couldn't sell its fan base on another Carr. This is too bad because David nev... more


Hey everybody, the Madden predictions are back! Why all of the long faces? Oh, because of what I just wrote -- the Madden predictions are back. Well, don't be so glum. Thankfully, many of the Broncos fans who were upset with me because I predicted a... more

At some point this summer, I feel like I've unearthed just about every possible sleeper available. I could probably just stop now and say everybody taken after the sixth round is a sleeper. But what's amazing here is there are a few guys I have yet t... more

What we are talking about: Philip Rivers Moving towards QB1 Victor Cruz Dance to another roster John Cena Prepare yourself; he's winning One of the biggest questions I get is "Hey, I'm playing fantasy football for the first time,... more

Courtesy of FOX FXX will show 522 episodes of "The Simpsons" over 278 continuous hours , a broadcast feat comparable to your typical Super Bowl pregame show. And while I'm sure there are some of you out there who will give it a go and try to watch... more

There were a couple of classes at my college where you could pretty much skip for weeks and then just show up the day before the test to get all of the information you needed to pass with flying colors. And while I realize this is a very serious char... more

If you still determine your fantasy draft order with a random draw before you draft, you really need to stop. Fantasy Draft Day (soon to be a national holiday) is one of the best days of the year and you shouldn't sully it with something so... more

Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends We all have our little routines that carry us through our daily life. I always enter Angels Stadium through Gate 3 and head straight toward Frankie's concession stand. I have a lu... more

What we are talking about: Jay Cutler Moving towards QB1 Mark Ingram Want to believe the hype John Cena Prepare yourself; he's winning Oh man, I hate it when my DVR gets near capacity. That means it's time to delete some shows we... more

Two of my favorite sleeper receivers are being motivated this offseason. My guy, Robert Woods, hasn't played with the Bills first-teamers this preseason. Which is actually more annoying than it is concerning. I mean, Woods was pretty decent during hi... more

I wasn't having a very good sports night on Thursday. Actually, sports have been kind of a drag since Garret Richards shutout the hated Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday night. But just as the Boys in Blue pounded the Angels into submission on Thursday n... more

What we are talking about: Philip Rivers Moving towards QB1 Brandin Cooks Want to believe the hype Mock Drafts Ruining it for everybody Red Dalton is getting paid, ya'll! And then the internet nearly collapsed upon itself. If I... more

Well I just spent a week at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, which is easily my favorite weekend of the NFL season. Just think; none of our fantasy teams have been eliminated yet! At one point during the induction ceremony, I looked d... more


When folks talk about the greatest video game characters of all time, there is no doubt "Super Tecmo Bowl" Bo Jackson will always enter the conversation. And rightfully so. You can go to the YouTube right now and find videos of kids who have done tha... more

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is not only a Super Bowl champion, he's the Madden ratings champion as we learned recently . But the big question is who is No. 2? And no, it's not Patrick Peterson, who might feel like he's trapped inside the sa... more

This has been a pretty good year for Richard Sherman. Super Bowl. Huge contract. And he seems to be winning the Twitter war with Patrick Peterson, too. Even though Peterson does make slightly more annually than Sherman. One other accolade hea... more

I was having a discussion the other day with a pal of mine as to who was the better middle linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers: Patrick Willis or NaVorro Bowman? (The Bowman argument takes a bit of a hit because of his injury in the NFC Championsh... more

I've made my proclivities for playing defense quite clear . If you don't want to search my entire archive, I'll cut to the chase and say I don't care for it. But when I do play defense (and I don't care for it), I like to use the defensive tackle. Th... more

I'll be honest, I don't typically enjoy playing defense in Madden, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. (And it's a big reason why I loved the college football game because you could be the offensive coordinator and not care about the defense. I also w... more

I was working the "blue carpet" at the Madden Bowl days before Super Bowl XVIII, uh, Super Bowl 48 in New York City last year and Jimmy Graham strolled by. Knowing that he was on the verge of a contract squabble I told him, "You know, if you go on to... more

What we are talking about: Peyton Manning Draft with confidence Terrance West Why not take a chance? Paul's Boutique The best album of all-time A Packers fan received an autographed jersey from Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn this w... more

To me, the Madden ratings for wide receivers are very similar to Batman. You always know who Batman is going to be. It's Bruce Wayne. But the question remains, who is going to be No. 2? Who is going to be Robin? It could be Dick Grayson, Jason Todd,... more

I'm struggling for a way to put this mildly, but Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte wasn't a huge fan of NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2014 list. Which is a minor understatement akin to saying Chicago was a touch cold this winter. Forte too... more

EA Sports released its top five quarterback ratings for Madden NFL 15 and the list is pretty much what you would expect. Peyton Manning is at the very top with a rating of 98 followed by Aaron Rodgers (98), Drew Brees (96), Russell Wilson (93) and To... more


Not too long ago I was at Marquee at the Cosmopolitan, hanging out on a day bed. Looking at attractive people. Swigging overpriced drinks. And then the thought occurred to me: You know what would make this super rad right now? A football game. All... more

The San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat will lock up once again to determine the NBA championship. They tell me it's a rematch of last year's NBA Finals. Well that's fun for NBA fans (I guess.) There is an old adage that says familiarity breeds... more

Comedian/Actor/Human Tom Wilson received the role of a lifetime when he was pegged to play Biff in the "Back to the Future" movies. (Ask your parents about them. The movies are legendary; you should go into the attic to see if there are any VHS copie... more

Star Wars Mock Draft May 27, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! May the fourth be with you. That time of year when a play on words is an excuse to revel in our "Star Wars" nerddom. We've done the "Star Wars"-NFL connections for the past two years, so I thought I would mix it up thi... more

Pizza in New York can be a touch confusing. There are endless mom-and-pop shops around the island. Of course, many of them seem to be run by a guy named Lefty, Lou or Frankie. There is the "Ray" empire. You know, Ray's Pizza. Famous Ray's. Famous Ori... more

The 2014 NFL Draft has concluded and I don?t know about you, but it?s now going to be a long doggone time until the start of training camp. So with that in mind, we will now use this time for some unfounded, some might say reckless, speculation. So h... more

2014 fantasy sleepers May 07, 2014

It might be the offseason, but fantasy never sleeps. That doesn't mean we don't have sleepers. Each week, Adam Rank takes a look at some of the players who could make a sneaky impact for your respective fantasy rosters in 2014. Justin Hunter Ad... more

This has been quite an eventful week. A photo of the new cast of "Star Wars" was leaked. Mike D'Antoni resigned as coach of your Los Angeles Lakers. And of course, the greatest story in sports over the past number of years, the Los Angeles Kings rall... more


The 2014 NFL Schedule has been released and not a moment too soon. I mean, I was so desperate for quality television the other night, I almost watched a Dallas Mavericks playoff game. Hahaha. Just kidding. Nobody is that desperate. But with the sched... more

Oh man, the NFL schedule release has me more excited about the NFL than ever. But that's probably due to the fact the Lakers are already done and as I write this the Kings are down 0-3 to the San Jose Sharks. (Though it wouldn't totally surprise me i... more

The NCAA approved unlimited meals for student athletes and I guess you can say that the one-and-done problem that has plagued men's hoops is officially over. Am I right? I mean, the allure of millions for being a lottery pick is nice, but ... hey loo... more

AP IMAGES Dear senior committee members, Major League Baseball and the entire sporting world will celebrate Jackie Robinson Day today, and it's a well-deserved honor for one of our nation's heroes. The day is also a tad bittersweet because it... more

Not sure if many of you are fans of the TV show "Justified" on FX, but you might want to skip a few paragraphs if you want to avoid any spoilers. Actually, scratch that. Is it really a "Justified" spoiler to say a bad guy died? Because they all die.... more

WWE and the NFL April 04, 2014

WrestleMania XXX is Sunday, live from New Orleans. And with that in mind, I have taken the liberty of matching some of NFL superstars with their WWE counterparts. Agree or disagree, can we all just agree to boo Batista this weekend? That?s the spirit... more

How about that last week, am I right? We had the much-anticipated pro days from Johnny Manziel (love him) and Jadeveon Clowney. Baseball had its Opening Day (if you don't count the two games in Australia). And "How I Met Your Mother" aired its final... more


Do you folks like pizza? I know it's kind of a silly question, but my buddy English Dave hates tomatoes and as a byproduct doesn't like pizza, so it does happen. Don't get all judgy on me. But I was at my favorite local pizza joint, Slice of New Yo... more

Randall Cunningham turned 51 on Thursday. Man, has the time flown (pun intended back to his days with the Philadelphia Eagles). So what better to do on a Throwback Thursday, but take some time to look back at the man who will always live in our heart... more

Signing with the enemy March 26, 2014

Watching DeSean Jackson, Jared Allen, and Darrelle Revis next year will be a strange sight. Each will be wearing a uniform of their former team enemy. It?s not without precedent. Here?s a look back at some of the biggest in NFL history.... more

I'll be honest; there are at least one or two guys who I absolutely love each year and never talk about because, look, I'm a fantasy enthusiast, too. And I have leagues I would like to win. So if that makes me a tad unscrupulous, so be it. I mean, I'... more

All right, many of you fantasy enthusiasts were underwhelmed when we started with Montee Ball to kick off Rank's 11 last week. So fine, how about I go deep album cut on you and go with Raiders running back Latavius Murray? And yes, I understand tha... more

The other day, I was getting ready to enjoy my Seal Beach roll at Tsunami Sushi here on Pacific Coast Highway. The food runner leaned in to drop off the plate and asked, "So, do you have any good sleepers for 2014?" It's a clear illustration that t... more

Salutations to Michael Irvin, who celebrated his 21st birthday this week. Well, maybe it just seems like Irvin is 21. Seriously, the dude looks like he could run routes right now. Well, I guess anybody could run routes. Let?s just say he looks like h... more

The moment my Madden game is opened, I like to take over the football franchise in St. Louis, and simulate the entire season as I prepare to move the team to, nope not Los Angeles, but Las Vegas. Yes, it's a dream of mine to move a professional foo... more


The NFL Scouting Combine has come to a close and the event has led us to ask, "When the (expletive) is the regular season going to start again? Seriously, I like March Madness and (Angels) baseball as much as the next guy/girl but ... football!" So... more

The NFL Scouting Combine starts this week,and there are two inevitable truths that will come from the proceedings. You will fall in love with a number of players whose measurables will be through the roof. The other is that one of these guys will end... more

The Cleveland Browns have cleaned house, and you can?t blame them. I mean the previous regime had nearly a year to work its magic and it just didn?t work out. With that in mind, we?d like to take this Throwback Thursday to recognize some one-hit wond... more

The NFL celebrates Martin Luther King day and Black History Month with a look at some of the top NFL players from historically black colleges. Check them out below!... more

The Pennsylvania "Coal League" was one of the most rugged professional football leagues of the 1920s. Players weren't groomed to play the sport via passing academies, offseason circuit training and college football. Heck, the majority of them didn't... more


NEW YORK - Just about every player in the NFL takes issue with their Madden rating. Cam Newton might have taken it a step further. Newton appeared with Michael Vick and Marshall Faulk at the "Madden NFL: 25 Years and Running" exhibit at the Museum of... more

The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos had a pretty heated rivalry during the 1980s and 1990s. That might be surprising to many of you, but the Seahawks and Broncos were division rivals in the AFC West back then. Many of you might remember the... more

Many of you have questions about the Super Bowl. And I admit that sometimes I take it for granted that many of you might not be as involved with the day-to-day operations of the NFL as, say, I am. You all lead busy lives and have important things to... more

I made a pitch to be the Cleveland Browns head coach last week in this space. (And don't let them know, but I would even take an offensive coordinator's gig. Still, why not shoot for the stars?) Of course, my experience in such matters is my extensiv... more

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will go after it again for the 15th time, and once again a trip to the Super Bowl will be on the line. You could read all of your statistics, breakdowns and analysis. But let's see what's really important. Let's take them... more

I should be the next coach of the Cleveland Browns. I know that seems strange because nobody would like to coach the Cleveland Browns. To me this is just silly, the Browns have one of the richest traditions in the league with multiple NFL and AAFC... more

Nobody tell Mark Cuban, but interest in Johnny Manziel's pro day far exceeded that of his Dallas Mavericks' upset of the Oklahoma City Thunder the other night. And it probably had more star power on the sidelines, too. Former President George H.W.... more

Here's a minor confession (which shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you if you follow me at all), I knew this Ric Flair thing was going to cause a dustup. When I heard he met with the San Francisco 49ers my immediate thought was, "Why would he d... more

I asked my editor, Marcas Grant, if I could just put Jimmy Graham as my No. 1 tight end and call it a day. But turns out, I need to fill out the other nine spots, which could end up being a little bit of a problem. Because this clearly is the most... more

Doing receiver rankings are my favorite. Because you start with Calvin Johnson, so I really only have to rank nine guys. But could Johnson be the top guy next season? Is there a new sheriff in town among wide receivers? Well, I guess you could just t... more

As a Madden enthusiast, I enjoy it when coaches and players do things in real life that would only happen in a video game.† I took great delight in Coach Bob Stoops going for an onside kick with his team up 14 and a minute left to go in the Sugar Bow... more


Well it's never too early to take a look at 2014. Actually, it probably is too early with all of the coaching changes and everything that is going to happen between now and NFL Fantasy Draft Week. But that won't stop me. (Plus, I will invoke the "rig... more

Nothing happened this past season to budge me from my position that you should go running back shopping in the first round of your fantasy drafts. And it should come as no surprise I'm going to open the 2014 rankings with Jamaal Charles. He was one o... more

Happy New Year to everybody out there! My own personal holiday tradition is to stay up super late on New Year's Eve (and into New Year's morning) playing Madden and having the time of my life. And before you mention it, yes, my wife is a very lucky w... more

Hey everybody, do you need a sleeper for Week 17? Well, tough luck. Why are you still playing in a fantasy league right now? (Though I'm one to talk, I have one league where the championship is this week. Not that it matters because I was eliminated... more

Oh my. For many years, Eric Davis roamed the secondary of the San Francisco 49ers looking to shut down opposing offensive players. So consider it a true twist of fate when it was a member of the 49ers who contributed to the victory of Nicole Zaloumis... more

What we are talking about: Kirk Cousins A good idea right now Andy Luck Not so sure John Cena Heat thief Most of my fantasy philosophy has been to play my studs no matter what the detriment. I've always had an irrational loyalty t... more

I subscribe to the theory that you don't get cute with your fantasy teams, especially when it comes to the fantasy playoffs. But if you need some sleepers for the coming weeks, here are some guys who could help you win some games. Jay Cutler, QB,... more

Not sure if you've had a chance to check out the crazy playoff scenarios in the NFL. It's a good read. The Chicago Bears are in a pretty interesting dilemma. The Bears' game against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday could be meaningless if the Detroit... more

Congratulations to all of you who have made it to your championship games! This is great news. So I'll skip the pleasantries and reviews of the "Homeland" and "Sons of Anarchy" finales and jump to the rankings. (Though I would like to say I'm not sur... more

What's that old adage, the longer your go, the more it hurts when you lose? (Oh wait, I guess I just answered my own question.) So when the Monday Nightmare rears its ugly head, well, this one is going to sting for a long time. Especially when you... more

The Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers will meet during Wild Card Weekend for the fourth time since the start of 2012. This is quickly becoming one of the better non-divisional rivalries in the NFL. Well, maybe for just the 49ers who have... more

I love to play franchise mode (or dynasty for those of you who prefer the NCAA version), and sometimes I can get impetuous with my quarterbacks. In my current UNLV dynasty, I have developed a love-hate relationship with my fictional quarterbacks. Bot... more

What we are talking about: Jay Cutler A good idea right now Andy Luck A pretty good start Bolo ties Not my thing, but sure When Marc Trestman tabbed Jay Cutler to be the starting quarterback for our Chicago Bears, it affected me i... more

The playoffs are here. Here are the top sleepers for Week 15. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins: He's had at least 14 fantasy points in six consecutive games, and his fantasy points have increased in his last three straight. The Patriots have all... more

It's time for this week's rankings. You are either starting your playoff push, or right in the middle of it. So no time for dawdling, it's time to get to the rankings. Quarterbacks 1. Peyton Manning 2. Drew Brees 3. Nick Foles 4. Tony Rom... more

"If Dez has a Dez-type night, I should be fine." There are a few rules I always have when talking. The first, never ask a woman if she's pregnant. A woman could be on her way to the delivery room and I would never say a word about it until she said... more

Adrian Peterson said this week that he has thought about ending his career as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. As if being a Minnesota Viking hasn't been disappointing enough. As you can imagine, people were upset upon hearing the news. Because our... more

What we are talking about: Red Dalton A pretty good start Philip Rivers Numbers not good City of Atlanta Seriously, a new field? Giants quarterback Eli Manning will return to San Diego for the first time since 2005. You remember,... more

Repeal Day: NFL Style December 05, 2013

On this day in United States history, the 21st Amendment was passed on December 5, 1933 to repeal Prohibition. Or in other words, the greatest day ever! At least, that's the Cliffs Notes version passed on by Ali Spagnola . It also got me thinking... more

The playoffs are here for many of us. Here are the top sleepers for Week 14. Josh McCown, QB, Chicago Bears : The Cowboys have allowed the second-most points to fantasy quarterbacks this season. The Cowboys have allowed five touchdowns in their las... more

We are still waiting to see what is going on with Aaron Rodgers; the collective fantasy world is holding its breath. However, I will say, don't freak out about it too much. The Packers were beaten soundly on Thursday, but really, it was a tough match... more

@adamrank @Michael_Fabiano @Akbar_Gbaja Start your studs they said, they're matchup proof they said. ‚?? Lord Disick (@PrettyKocky1911) December 3, 2013 Well it's my philosophy to play your studs, especially at quarterback. Because check this... more


This season hasn't gone too well for the Buccaneers. Which is kind of a mild understatement, akin to saying the Kardashian family is a little overexposed. It's clear this hasn't been a great season for the Bucs, but all is not lost. The Buccane... more

What we are talking about: Cam Newton A pretty good start Andrew Luck Numbers not good Road House Come on, Hollywood The world was much different in 2003. Bryan Cranston was the bumbling, but loveable dad on "Malcolm in the Middle... more

A lot of times players are like watching your favorite TV shows. Like you'll be in the middle of a "Burn Notice" episode' and you'll notice there's like five minutes left so you just know Michael Westin is going to make a bomb out of a coffee cup and... more

This is going to be a hard thing for me to do, but I must apologize to the St. Louis FC organization for mocking them for trading away Robert Griffin III for all of those draft picks. I figured it might be one of the worst moves of all time, but the... more

Can someone explain to me the 49ers rotation of RBs? You remove Frank Gore in the redzone...why? ‚?? Rich Eisen (@richeisen) November 26, 2013 Famous people, they're just like us! It seems that everybody is bothered by Shanahanigans. But if you a... more

I avoid sports bars for the most part because of Raiders fans. And while Raiders fans have been docile in recent years because their team has been incredibly bad, I've seen a lot more Raiders jerseys around town recently. The reason? The Raiders are... more

What we are talking about: Eli Manning A pretty good start Joe Flacco Numbers not good USC Fan Get off the (expletive) field You might have heard this, but Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are squaring off this week. And of course, th... more

We are getting closer to the playoffs and the last week of byes (finally). Here are some sleepers to help get you through Week 12. *Thursday Night Special* Kenny Stills, WR, New Orleans Saints: We seem to have hit a pretty good groove of when t... more

Just out of curiosity, I played a game with the updated Colts recently just to see if Trent Richardson would be tackled behind the line of scrimmage as much on the game as he is in real life. Madden Next Gen voting We're handing it off to you. Le... more

What we are talking about: Red Dalton A pretty good start Philip Rivers Numbers not good City of Atlanta Seriously, a new field? You want to know how well Josh McCown has played in recent weeks? Jay Cutler risked re-injury to get... more

Time now to take a look at your top sleepers for Week 11. ***Thursday night special!!*** †Donald Brown, RB, Indianapolis Colts : If you've seen the Colts play this year, it's easy to see Brown has been their best running back. The matchup is great... more

Congratulations to Fred Smoot who rose up my rankings this week in the category of favorite people on Earth. Smoot took to the D.C. airwaves and had this observation on the coach of the Washington Redskins. (via the Washington Post ) "If he loses t... more

This column started many, many years ago because nobody seemed more destined to lose on Monday night than yours truly. I know you might think you have a tough time on Mondays, but I'm the all-time franchise leader. Case in point, Monday's Dolphins-... more

Nerd confession; I've often created myself as a quarterback on Madden and inserted myself on to a team. Truth be told, one year I created myself in the college game, played four years at Arizona State, imported myself to Madden (I think this might ha... more

What we are talking about: Drew Brees Let it fly Philip Rivers Numbers not good Dwight Howard Hahahaha Enjoy, Houston! I've been known to bench fantasy players for various offenses and perceived slights, and I might have to make a... more

Jordan Cameron made his way through half of NFL Network and I was hit with the sudden realization that if he was here, it meant the Browns were on a bye. And more to the point, I needed a tight end for this week. (And yes, make your jokes now about... more

When people look back at Tom Brady's huge fantasy comeback in Week 9, many will credit Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola or Stevan Ridley. But in Tom's heart of hearts, he will know his true inspiration will have come from NFL Fantasy LIVE. We did a... more

@adamrank I'm up 28 points going into tonight, but he's got Rogers and Lacy. I think I feel another #mondaynightmare coming on. ‚?? Phil Bates (@Philbates) November 4, 2013 Don't worry, Phil. I'm typically the pessimistic sort, too. I would hav... more

EA Sports Cowboys GM Jerry Jones said this week Deion Sanders could cover Calvin Johnson. Of course he did. Deion Sanders, of course, took the high road. Well, good for him. Deion said it wasn't fair to compare eras. Uh Deion, this is what we... more

What we are talking about: Philip Rivers Let it fly Tom Brady I can't be helped John Cena He will never lose, ever Congratulations to the city of Boston. I'm happy the Red Sox won the World Series. No, I'm totally serious. I'm hap... more


This is a message for the 1.9 percent of you who own Kenny Stills. I'm glad it worked out. There are times when super-risky plays like that pay off. But let's not make it a habit, you feel me? We loved Stills because there is no secret to his game. H... more

You were implored just last Friday to not give up on Tom Brady here in my Like/Dislike column. Yeah, sorry about that. However, in my defense, I gave you a spot-on prediction of John Cena beating Damien Sandow when the youngster cashed in his "Money... more

I have a defense mechanism that kicks in every Monday. No matter how big my lead might be, I always feel my team is in danger of losing. For instance, I was up 42 points on Team America in our Experts League and I still was worried that Marshawn Lync... more

When the Colts made a deal for Trent Richardson, you just kind of figured it would work out similarly to the way it would on Madden. Richardson would instantly adapt to the offense and you'd get a plundering running back to go along with Andrew Luck.... more

What we are talking about: Colin Kaepernick Born to run. Brett Favre What a joke Jason Sudeikis Because he's awesome Moments after the Colts beat the Broncos last week on Sunday night football, I had a huge dilemma. Well, not who... more

It's Week 8 and there are six teams on a bye. Many of them have first-tier running backs. Matt Forte, Arian Foster, Ray Rice and Trent Richardson will all be on a bye this week. Oh wait, did I mention Trent Richardson? Sorry, this is first-tier cla... more

Apologies to everybody for not having Peyton Hillis ranked higher than Adrian Peterson this week. How could we not see that coming? Actually, was Hillis even on the New York Giants roster when we published the "too soon" rankings last Tuesday? If y... more

My nephew is in the U.S. Army and he wasn't able to watch the "Monday Night Football" matchup because he was on duty. He considered himself the lucky one during our text-message exchange during the game. That was a first. This whole game was just... more

What we are talking about: Tom Brady MVP! MVP! MVP! Chris Johnson Time to move on "Showgirls" What really went wrong Moments after Hulk Hogan turned on Randy "Macho Man" Savage during Bash at the Beach in 1996 to form the New Worl... more

Graduation is one of those occasions that's a little bittersweet. You embark on a new endeavor, but you don't to forget those who you will leave behind. Well, Keenan Allen, we don't want you to look back with any regrets. You were an awesome member o... more

This email popped into my inbox last Friday from my pal, Gene. "Morning Rank... Seeing you pick up Mike Glennon makes me sad. Would you be interested in a trade? I am proposing Andrew Luck for Shady McCoy. Let me know if you're interested. Let... more

One thing I've learned about fantasy football; never take anything for granted. One of our "NFL Fantasy Live" producers, Dylan, was up by three points headed into Monday night with Andrew Luck on his side. He went up against Danny Woodhead and Reggie... more

Here are a couple of things I didn't expect to hear about the Jets when the 2013 NFL season started. The first is "Jets win." Seriously. If you would have told me a New York team was going to start the season 0-6, I would have thought it was the New... more

Two quarterbacks remain undefeated in the AFC after five weeks. One is Peyton Manning. The other is, well, Alex Smith. One is expected. The other is, well, Alex Smith. But the quarterbacks are more alike than you think. They are also different in s... more

What we are talking about: Andy Luck A must-start for you now Chris Johnson Time to move on "Sons of Anarchy" Keeps getting better Our nation had a war on redheads not too long ago, thanks in no small part to "South Park " creator... more

Did you know Jay Cutler has more fantasy points than Aaron Rodgers this season? Yes, you wisenheimer, Rodgers had his bye week already. But can I at least take some time to celebrate this part of the season? But Cutler does have a very good matchup... more

The moment Tony Romo threw that critical interception against the Denver Broncos, the Twitterverse was on fire with people deriding the Cowboys quarterback. I don't have the exact statistics, but I think I saw a number where about 3.5 million tweets... more

One of the biggest stories of the young NFL season is the rebirth of Philip Rivers. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes (or maybe it's a lightning bolt), Rivers is once again among the elite quarterbacks. Not only are the Chargers playing well, and... more

What we are talking about: Mike Vick He is going to win your week Colin Kaepernick Don't jump off just yet Cowboys fans Seriously? There aren't many regrets in my life. I mean, I wish I had tried to walk-on as a scout-team quarter... more

Hear me out on this theory. Eddie Royal scored two touchdowns in Week 1 against the Houston Texans. He followed that up the next week with three touchdown receptions against the Philadelphia Eagles. Interesting, right? Well Danny Woodhead had two... more

Well it's always flattering to know people are paying attention to the ratings. Especially when that person is LeSean McCoy. @adamrank keep me #1 .... Lol no disrespect tho ‚?? Lesean McCoy (@CutonDime25) September 27, 2013 Love this kid! We'v... more

I've long wondered why the 20-step drop failed to connect with NFL quarterbacks. I mean, if you play Madden at all, you know the proper form is to drop back about 20 yards and heave the ball. Yet, not a single quarterback does that. So when Ryan... more


Congratulations everybody, our voices were heard! We beseeched everybody to make sure Ryan Tannheill got his proper due for his amazing start and we were rewarded! Ryan Tannehill received a two-point boost to 84 OVR, with added points to his awarenes... more

What we are talking about: Cam Newton A pretty good start Andrew Luck Numbers not good Road House Come on, Hollywood The world was much different in 2003. Bryan Cranston was the bumbling, but loveable dad on "Malcolm in the Middle... more

All right, well we are going to scout the health status of Terrelle Pryor for most of the week as he goes through the concussion protocol. But no matter who the starting quarterback is for the Raiders, he's going to be up for a tremendous fantasy mat... more

Terrelle Pryor was poised to be one of the biggest sleepers of the week with a fantastic matchup against the Washington Footballers. (Need a good nickname for the Washington football team.) But we're going to monitor his status as he goes through the... more

EA Sports It's time now to take a look at the latest Madden NFL 25 ratings update and we will take a peek into the future, too, with some predictions. But first, this was all about Next Gen star Patrick Peterson. When we saw him throw that... more

What we are talking about: Matthew Stafford He is going to win your week Trent Richardson Have to start him Chip Kelly Seriously? A few of the more traumatic moments of my youth were the Eric Dickerson trade; Magic Johnson's... more

Thursday nights are the biggest source of fantasy anxiety all week. You start a guy on Thursday and he does great -- you're sitting on Cloud Nine. Just ask any fantasy owner who started Peyton Manning in Week 1. It's a tremendous boost to the start o... more

Best in-season NFL trades September 18, 2013

There was a time when in-season trades were as rare as a hushed crowd at CenturyLink Field. But now, we've had back-to-back blockbusters in as many years as Trent Richardson changed teams last year, and now we have Percy Harvin going to the New York... more

Week 2 is now officially in the books and we look forward to Week 3. Some of us are trying to put some bad losses behind us, so let's get cracking on the way-too-soon rankings for Week 3. As a reminder, this is a first-look at the rankings, and these... more

EA Sports The Madden ratings are in! Let's take a look back at Week 1 of the NFL season before we turn towards some predictions for Week 2. Biggest movers of the week San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin moved up two points in... more

What we are talking about: Matt Schaub He is going to win your week Ben Roethlisberger No chance he starts for me Tom Brady Seriously? There were a lot of disappointing running backs in Week 1 (to say the least). One who really st... more

You might not have heard this expression previously, but the NFL is a quarterback league. It's true. There are so many good quarterbacks available right now, it's crazy. There are just about five quarterbacks you can't play anymore. Honestly, with... more

If you didn't win in Week 1 of your fantasy season, well, the season is over. Our research has shown that 90 percent of people who lose in Week 1 don't make the fantasy playoffs. And you should also know that I'm totally kidding about that. You're go... more

EA Sports A couple of guys here at the NFL Network studios were having a conversation about "Breaking Bad" the other day, when somebody walked into the room and said, "Don't spoil anything!" You figured the aforementioned person might have... more Illustration Check out the 100 reasons why Adam Rank is excited for the 2013 NFL Season The 2013 NFL season kicked off on Thursday and I, for one, couldn't be more excited about it. How excited? Allow me, Adam Rank, to give you 100... more

What we are talking about: RG3 He is going to win your week Tom Brady Will he answer Peyton's challenge? Ben Affleck Seriously? There were a lot of questions when Arian Foster ranked 11th on my list of running backs headed into th... more

You really don't want to start off a sleepers column with too many disclaimers. Mostly because you all see this text and treat it like the warning label on a box of ibuprofen. But for those of you who follow the rules (and yes, I always wait for the... more

Hey everybody, it's the first week of the regular season and I hope you're ready. Here are the initial rankings for Week 1. If you're still waiting to do your draft, go check out our Top 200 . This is for the first week. Let's have some fun. Quarte... more


I watched "Hangover 2" on the way to Fantasy Draft Week and on the way back on Saturday night. So it's pretty clear I shouldn't be lecturing about the evils of sequels. Turns out, I'm a sucker for them. So with Rank's 11 being so popular a few week... more

The kickoff of the 2013 NFL season is just a week away. And first things first: If you haven't signed up for fantasy football on, what are you waiting for? We've finally moved past Week 3 of the NFL preseason, which is good news. It means... more

We are inching ever so close to the release of "Madden NFL 25" on Aug. 27. And by the way, if you haven't already requested this day off from work, what are you waiting for? Clear your schedule right now. In anticipation of the release, we managed... more

Hey everybody, let me ask you a quick question; do you want a long intro to this piece or would you like me to cut the (expletive) and get to the sleepers? That's what I figured. The majority of questions that come at me on Twitter are about sleepe... more

If you've spent any time with me on Twitter during the preseason games, you know we like to play with #fantasyoverreactions . You see a guy going nuts during a preseason game and you want to make sure he jumps up your fantasy draft board. Sometimes... more

If you still determine your fantasy draft order with a random draw just before your draft, you really need to stop. Fantasy Draft Day is one of the best days of the year and you shouldn't sully it with something so rudimentary. We're creative... more

There goes Lamar Miller's value. #fantasyoverreactions ‚?? Adam Rank (@adamrank) August 5, 2013 If we're going to hang out, folks, you need to realize when I'm kidding. Even though the hash tag should have been a giveaway. But still. I was sta... more

CANTON, Ohio -- We recently were tasked with coming up with the most egregious snub in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as you can read here. Go ahead and check it out. I will wait. Pretty good, huh? Of course, I came up with the only serious,... more


Kurt Warner's rise from Arena League quarterback to Super Bowl MVP (with a stop as a grocery store bagger mixed in) is a story that always seemed destined for the silver screen, and that's exactly what will happen as 20th Century Fox has acquired the... more

Your fantasy football team plays in the NFL, and you should too! Sign up today to play the official free and customizable fantasy game of the National Football League! held its second experts league mock draft of the year on Friday, July... more

Separating fantasy from reality is often easy. When I was just a wee lad playing in fantasy leagues, I always wanted to have Troy Aikman on my fantasy squad. He was the best quarterback of his generation (that's right, I said it), so it figured you w... more

Before we get started here today, if you remember one thing from this essay, it's this; wait to draft a quarterback. If you're one of those skimmers who will just lightly read this before you run over to Around the League to see what Dan Hanzus is... more

Colin Kaepernick has the highest selling jersey , according to NFL Shop . (Go buy one right now.) We know that many of you aren't 49ers fans, but you just like to wear cool jerseys for fashion. As evidenced by the (expletive) storm Kaepernick... more

There is a certain dedication of the fantasy enthusiast who like to play with IDPs (individual defensive players). Kind of like the difference between a Batman fan who just watches the movies and those who will get into heated discussions on who the... more

One of the most classic moments in baseball All-Star Game history occurred when Bo Jackson crushed a ball deep into the seats at Angel Stadium in the 1989 classic. Oh, and you might have heard this, too, but Jackson was also a pretty good... more

Adam Rank recently identified Roddy White and Julio Jones as the NFL's best current receiving duo. Now check out the pass-catching combos that Rank believes are the best of all time.... more

Victory Cruz signed his deal with the New York Giants this week. Now, along with Hakeem Nicks, he gives his team one of the best receiving combinations in the league. But is it the best? Well, that's what I'm here for to help settle this... more

There will be times this summer when I will give out the call via Twitter to join me in one of the mock drafts here at And if you've been slacking on doing mock drafts, well, what are you waiting for? It's a great way to see where people are... more

Best team nicknames July 02, 2013

Happy birthday to Richard Sherman, the leader of the ?Legion of Boom?. We?re kind of chagrined because we forgot his birthday and really don?t have time to run out and grab a gift card. (All right, we were never going to give him a gift card, but pla... more


J. Smith (No. 1) A. Rank (No. 3) M. Grant (No. 6) A. Gbaja-Biamila (No. 7) M. Fabiano (No. 10) † Round 1, Pick No. 3 : Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings. Not as far-fetched as you would think when you consider Arian Foster co... more

Tom Brady is one of the 10 best players in the NFL according to the players who voted on NFL Network's Top 100 list. And he's clearly the best of his generation, but is he still going to be an elite fantasy option this year? The common refrain is B... more

We will crown a new No. 1 in the NFL Network's Top 100 players of 2013 on Thursday night. That's NFL Network at 8 p.m. ET. And yes, I expect to be completely disgusted when Peyton Manning takes the top overall honors because I guess there is some... more

Must-see Stadiums June 24, 2013

Wimbledon starts this week and the famed Centre Court is on the bucket list of many sports fans. And since it's the offseason, here's a countdown of the 12 must-see stadiums in the NFL right now. Why 12? Why not? And without furt... more

The San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat played in one of the most entertaining playoff hoops game in recent memory. That's coming from a guy who only caught the second half because Tsunami Sushi in Huntington Beach showed the U.S. Men's National Team... more

Electronic Arts Adam Rank goes to E3 and finds out the latest news on EA Sports "NCAA Football 14," the latest iteration of the franchise. LOS ANGELES† - I got a chance Tuesday to talk to Electronic Arts Sports general manager of football Cam... more

LOS ANGELES -- Electronic Arts Sports general manager of football Cam Weber played quarterback for Simon Frasier University in Vancouver. So it should come as no surprise that he takes a ton of pride in the improved line play in the next generation o... more

Happy birthday to Joe Montana, who is often regarded as one of the most clutch quarterbacks in NFL history. Joe Cool, if you will. Joe's legacy of big-time rallies started all the way back to his playing days at Notre Dame. In the last collegiate... more

The Patriots and Jets rivalry has turned up the heat a little bit during the offseason as Darrelle Revis has willfully chosen the Patriots Way over the Jet Way. Although, you could reason the Jets are merely in the jet wash of the Patriots and Bronco... more

This happens every fantasy season. You draft a guy who you have nothing but high hopes for. Be it Hakeem Nicks, Darren McFadden, et al. And by the end of the season, you have your fantasy season hinged on a guy you drafted in the later rounds, or eve... more

The San Antonio Spurs will embark on a quest for championship No. 5 as they start the NBA Finals on Thursday. (Or, fourth championship if you subscribe to Phil Jackson's theory that an asterisk should be attached to their 1999 title. And frankly, I... more

With the passing of Deacon Jones, it's time to reflect on the greatest nicknames in NFL history. Something tells me David Jones makes this list. So let's get to it with the 19 best. Take no offense, Purple Jesus, the Diesel, the Bus, A-Trai... more

Growing up in Southern California, I had neighbors with season tickets to the Angels and the Los Angeles Rams. I typically could swing an invite to one or two Rams game per year if I played my cards right (i.e. not smarting off to my older sisters, w... more held it's first experts league mock draft of the year on Monday, May 20th. The standard scoring league consists of NFL Fantasy LIVE members Dave Dameshek, Elliot Harrison, Michael Fabiano, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Jaime Maggio, Adam Rank, Matt "Mo... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep Sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Bargains † M. Fabiano D. Dameshek M. Grant E. Harrison A. Rank J. Smith † Drafting in the final spot in a 10-team league can drive a person to do some crazy thi... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep Sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Bargains † M. Fabiano D. Dameshek M. Grant E. Harrison A. Rank J. Smith † 1. Larry Fitzgerald will be a top five receiver. Fitzgerald fell off the fantasy rada... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep Sleepers | Busts | Bargains | Strategies † M. Fabiano D. Dameshek M. Grant E. Harrison A. Rank J. Smith † Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis Colts: NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell said Luck... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep Sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Strategies † M. Fabiano D. Dameshek M. Grant E. Harrison A. Rank J. Smith † Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys: Everybody is going to reach and extend for all of th... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Bargains | Strategies † M. Fabiano D. Dameshek M. Grant E. Harrison A. Rank J. Smith † E.J. Manuel, QB, Buffalo Bills: Manuel has the luxury of failure. This means he's going... more

Draft kit | Deep sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Bargains | Strategies † M. Fabiano D. Dameshek M. Grant E. Harrison A. Rank J. Smith † Jake Locker, QB, Tennessee Titans: You have to imagine the Titans expected a little... more

Sports is often a backdrop for a larger story of the human spirit. But "North Dallas Forty " is one of the few movies I can find that really takes on the realities of the sport head on, like a lumbering ball carrier. There have been many football mov... more


The WWE is going to mine NFL roster cuts for the next superstar in their organization. And really, it's not a bad idea when you look at the sport's success rate in professional wrestling. When you think of some of the biggest names in wrestling in... more

Well, you have to give credit to the owners who selected Minneapolis to play host to Super Bowl XLII. Honestly, this was an unenviable task because these were three great cities which had much to offer. Minneapolis might be one of the most... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep sleepers | Breakouts | Bargains | Strategies † M. Fabiano D. Dameshek M. Grant E. Harrison A. Rank J. Smith † Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens: If I needed one quarterback to win a playoff g... more

As we remember Chuck Muncie, it's pertinent to reflect on the greatest running backs in NFL history who ar... more

Happy birthday to Tyrann Mathieu, who has one of the most memorable hairstyles in football. In honor of Mathieu, the Summer of Rank looks at the best hairstyles in NFL history.... more

We recently debated the best quarterback to have if you needed to win only one game. And of course, I dominated the conversation as always with my selection of Joe Flacco because ... playoffs. I don't get how people get so out of their crust with... more

"Iron Man 3 " is in theaters right now and if you haven't seen it already, what are you waiting for? Well, unless you're like me and you've boycotted Marvel movies until Jack Kirby gets what's coming to him! In any event, with the term "Iron Man"... more Illustration is going to determine The Greatest Football Movie Ever over the next few weeks. Check out our bracket of the finest football flicks of all time, and check in every Friday to see who made it to the next round. On Friday,... more Illustration is going to determine The Greatest Football Movie Ever over the next few weeks. Check out our bracket of the finest football flicks of all time and check in every Friday to see who made it to the next round. On Friday,... more Illustration is going to determine The Greatest Football Movie Ever over the next few weeks. Check out our bracket of the finest football flicks of all time, and check in every Friday to see who made it to the next round. On Friday,... more Illustration is going to determine The Greatest Football Movie Ever. Check out our semifinals bracket of the finest football flicks of all time, and check in next Friday, July 12, to see which two movies made it to the final two.... more

It's summer time at the NFL.† During the next few weeks, we here at† will unveil our Most Underrated and Overrated Players of All Time for all 32 teams and allow users to determine their choices as well. Before we get into the overrated an... more Illustration is going to determine The Greatest Football Movie Ever. We're down to the Finals. Check in next Friday, July 19, to see which flick will be reign supreme as the best football film ever. CLICK HERE for the full Finals... more


For the 2013 NFL Draft, writers selected their best and worst picks for all 32 teams. Then, we allowed users to choose th... more

For the 2013 NFL Draft, writers selected their best and worst picks for all 32 teams. Then, we allowed users to choose th... more

The 2013 NFL Draft is in the books, and here are 32 bold predictions for this year?s rookie class.... more

Being called "Mr. Irrelevant" as the final pick in the NFL draft is called, has to be considered the ultimate consolation prize in sports. Mr. Irrelevant not only gets a chance to make an NFL roster, he gets to be the guest of honor at Irrelevant... more

The one great thing about this draft class is that we haven't been overhyped with any particular players. It's like the experts have been like, "yeah, nobody here is great, but let's make the best of it." And thankfully, we'll get no over-hyped... more

It's down to Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson for the coveted Madden cover. And it's coveted now after Calvin Johnson laid all that cover jinx nonsense to rest with his monster season in 2012. The choice is tricky between Sanders and Peterson. For... more

The hyperbole in sports (and maybe just about anything) is thick. People are quick to label the latest thing as the "best ever." Last year's first round is no exception. Yet, before we create the Hall of Fame busts of Andrew Luck, RG3 and Trent... more

Happy schedule release day. It's a euphoric yet bittersweet day because while it's awesome to take a look at the schedule, there is a little twinge because you realize these games are months away. † So with that in mind, here are some way-too-soon pr... more

Whitney Hand was a surprise third-round selection by the WNBA Silver Spurs in Monday?s draft. Hand, you might not be aware, is the wife of NFL prospect Landry Jones. When Jones is drafted, the duo will join a list of the NFL?s elite power couples.... more

The great thing about the NFL draft is every player is expected to contribute and have a long career. History, however, shows us this isn't always the case. Actually, it's never the case. Some of these guys are going to be a disappointment. So... more

The sporting world might have seen the last of Kobe Bryant. And to pile on top, it looks like we won't have any Faith Hill at the beginning of "Sunday Night Football" either. How are we supposed to press on? The singer said she has parted ways... more

In the days leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft , will allow users to determine the best and worst draft picks for every team. We continue the proceedings with the team that owns the No. 16 overall pick in this year's draft, the St. Louis... more

In the days leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft , will allow users to determine the best and worst draft picks for every team. We continue the proceedings with the team that owns the No. 11 overall pick in this year's draft, the San Diego... more

In the days leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft , will allow users to determine the best and worst draft picks for every team. The series continues with the team that owns the No. 7 overall pick in this year's draft, the Arizona Cardinals.... more

Tim Tebow (despite a year of near obscurity) continues to be one of the most polarizing athletes in all of sports. He's one of those guys you always have an opinion about. In fact, I once saw a woman push another woman just for the mere mention of... more

It's Opening Day in Major League baseball. And still, the biggest news of the day is Matt Flynn going to the Raiders and Carson Palmer possibly going to the Cardinals! But to some, Opening Day of baseball is still big. It is to me. The Angels open... more


Congratulations to all of you who had Florida Gulf Coast (or Florida Golf Coast according to LeBron James) headed to the Sweet 16 in your March Madness tournament bracket. Oh wait, none of you picked the the Gulfies. Just kidding, that's not... more

Researchers have estimated a Raiders fan complains about the Tuck Rule every 19 seconds each day. The estimation drops to about four seconds when said Raiders fan is at a sports bar on a Sunday afternoon dreaming about the glory days. But good... more

Wes Welker signed with the Denver Broncos, which is easily the biggest news of free agency thus far and sent a ripple through the NFL. The Broncos, of course, got a whole lot better. Like Peyton Manning needed one more weapon in his arsenal... The... more

The Buffalo Bills released Ryan Fitzpatrick just as the free-agency period opened on Tuesday. And while you never want to see somebody lose their job, especially in these uncertain economic times, we?re confident the Harvard grad with an economics de... more

The free-agency period begins on Tuesday and it's one of the most exciting times of the year. And one of the most optimistic, too. With every signing comes the hope that this will be the year your team makes it all the way to a Super Bowl... more

"Oz the Great and Powerful" is in theaters because apparently somebody in Hollywood was kicking around ideas one day and said, "hey, remember that 'Wizard of Oz' movie that came out in 1939? We need to do a prequel of that." † If you don't kn... more

Joe Flacco currently is the highest-paid quarterback in the world. All the handwringing about it is funny right now because in a few years, nearly a dozen other quarterbacks will sign huge-money contracts and those same critics will say Flacco is... more

Chris Johnson told NFL Network last week he wanted to rush for more yards than Adrian Peterson in 2013. And naturally, Peterson didn't take kindly to those remarks. Why would or should I care about what CJ has to say? Before you tweet what he's... more

Happy birthday to Michael Irvin, who turns 47 on Tuesday. Incidentally, Irvin wore No. 47 at the University of Miami. So to celebrate the birthday of "The Playmaker," here is the definitive list of the greatest playmakers in NFL history. And yes, I... more

The rumors are swirling that Darrelle Revis could be on the move. This news is devastating to New York Jets fans not just because he's so good on the field, but think of all of those fans who named pets after him. Can you still have a cat named Revis... more


The 2013 NFL Scouting Combine you might say lacked a bit of the sizzle from a year ago. While the NFL world buzzed about Andrew Luck and RG3 last year, there wasn't a marquee player who really piqued the interest of NFL fans this year. At least not f... more

This has been a big week or couple of weeks for former USC quarterbacks. Matt Barkley had a smashing Pro Day at USC on Wednesday and he might have strengthened his position as the No. 2 quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft behind Geno Smith,... more

Geno Smith was widely considered the top quarterback prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft prior to the NFL Scouting Combine. And Smith only strengthened his position with a solid performance. So one lucky franchise is going to get its quarterback of... more

NFL Academy Awards February 22, 2013

We now have reached the zenith of award season, and with that in mind, I have partnered with my man, Jeff Greenholtz, to offer up our version of the NFL?s Academy Awards for the 2012 season.... more

Richard Sherman is back in the news, this time he had a highly publicized verbal confrontation with a well-known talk show personality. Sherman once again wanted to reiterate his point that he was the best cornerback in the game. I mean, you rememb... more

Every year, one of your fantasy studs is bound to let you down. Oh Percy Harvin, don't think the last statement was directed at you. It clearly was. Just don't think about it. Sometimes you can see it coming, other times it's a complete shock. But... more

It's February, and that means it's time for fantasy football mock drafts. No, seriously, let's not pretend the first football-free weekend of the year was an easy one. So let's get to the mock draft. A lot of times these one-man mock drafts can be... more

The 2012 NFL season is over. The lights have been turned out (nearly literally during the Super Bowl), the last of the confetti has been swept out of the Superdome (thank you Chykie Brown) and it's time for a long and arduous offseason. An... more


You might not be aware, but the two head coaches in the Super Bowl are related. Brothers, in fact. Oh wait, everybody knows that. And while many of you brace for "Harbowl" fatigue as we get stories about family pets, pee-wee football games and litera... more

Sometimes it seems like only yesterday the 49ers were at the top of the NFL. But it?s been nearly two decades, and you might not realize just how much the NFL has changed during that time. Here?s a look at some of the biggest changes.... more

E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports The Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans will play host to Super Bowl XLVII. Many of you have questions about the Super Bowl. And while I sometimes take it for granted everybody knows everything going on, a lot of... more

As long as there has been pro football, there have probably been fan superstitions. Like there was probably some Canton Bulldogs fan in the 1920s who refused to take off his trilby hat for two years as the Bulldogs went undefeated through the 1922 an... more

2013 NFL Classified Ads January 16, 2013

Chip Kelly joined the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday. And his former employer, the University of Oregon, wasted no time when it posted his job opening online . So then I took the time... more

The Showtime hit series "Homeland " had a near sweep at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, while Peyton Manning is still universally praised as the greatest quarterback in NFL history despite another first-round playoff loss. Enough of this. Neve... more

Super Bowl Superstitions January 11, 2013

Sports never seem to have enough curses, jinxes and superstitions. It?s not enough to just lose a game or have a string of bad luck. It was a jinx! Or at least that?s something that will make us fans feel better when our team doesn?t win. Here?s a ha... more

Seattle and Atlanta are two of our finest cities in America, but two of the most tortured. Both have Super Bowl appearances; neither is memorable for good reasons. And it's not just football, either. Seattle and Atlanta have carried a burden of... more

When you think of the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers, one of the first things to enter your mind is the Bill Walsh coaching tree. The second is probably, "Why did the 49ers passed up on Aaron Rodgers?" Take a look at the best photos... more

Get ready to hear this a lot this weekend, but in any other year, Alfred Morris would be the runaway rookie of the year in the NFL. In fact, I feel like I've written such a thing about 36 times in the last three days. There are actually a handful... more

The Seahawks and Redskins tilt on Sunday might be the most anticipated game of the Wild Card Weekend, and it's all because of the quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III. I'm not telling tales out of school with that proclamation, right?... more

Is it too early to look at sleepers for 2013? That's a rhetorical question because the editors who assign the work around here already answered it. And apparently the answer is no. It is easy to get into a weird, limbo-like state with fantasy. For... more

The Baltimore Ravens will play host to the Indianapolis Colts this weekend in an AFC wild card game . And while this won't be the first time the Colts have traveled to Baltimore for the playoffs, there is still a certain magic in the air. A new... more


NFL Put away the speculation because we have a new No. 1 for the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft. And without little suspense, this thing came down to a two-team race and only one winner. But before we celebrate this year's big winner (and sorr... more

It is #blackmonday everybody (yes, we're only allowed to speaking in #s going forward), a time when coaches lose their jobs. Well, sorta. If you look at the NFL as one giant corporation, then these coaches have merely been reassigned within the... more

Andy Reid is officially out in Philadelphia , a place where he seemed to never be truly embraced. Yes, his clock management wasn't the best, but hopefully fans in Arizona, San Diego or any other possible landing spot will be able to sacrifice a... more

What we are talking about: Cam Newton Fantasy gold this week Bugs Bunny That hare's got to die. Get it? South Park Still awesome It's Week 17. Why are you still playing fantasy football? So many teams have wrapped up playoff seedi... more

If you're in one of those leagues that plays its championship game in Week 17, well, you're really pushing it. And as luck would have it, there are still plenty of teams with a lot to play for, so, save the Atlanta Falcons, you should get some qualit... more

NFL The San Diego Chargers and their awesome fans have suffered through many indignities during the Norv Turner era, but a loss to the Jets would have been the final blow the franchise would have never been able to recover. The Chargers... more

The Pro Bowl rosters have been revealed and after we settle all of the debates of who should be here, who didn't deserve to be here, the one conversation we never have is who has the best roster? We could use things like statistics to try to settle... more

What we are talking about: Tony Romo Fantasy gold this week Eli Manning Can't trust him on road The Shield Clean win for stable Robert Griffin III is expected to play for the Redskins this week and if he's in Mike Shanahan's lineu... more

If you are reading this message, congratulations on your championship game berth. And if you've stumbled in here because you still want to compete in your consolation, well credit to you, the hardcore fantasy enthusiast. So let's start off with the... more

NFL It was Statement Sunday in Week 15 and a couple of teams in need of said statement did something they probably shouldn't have done. They won. This was not the time of year to mistakenly win a game, guys. You lose focus in the NFL... more

What we are talking about: Cam Newton He's the one Norv Turner Hot-name free agent for 2013 Josh Hamilton Another surprise Angels fans Megan Fox said last week she is no longer going to take "sexy" roles. And my immediate thought... more

It's come to the point where even Peyton Manning isn't even immune to the fantasy anxiety meter for Thursday night. He seemed like a lock for a huge night against the Raiders last week, but ended up with just over 14 fantasy points. Even me, the fant... more

There are three games left in the regular season and this isn't hyperbole, but do you think the Arizona Cardinals will score an offensive touchdown again this season? You laugh and then you think about it, and you have to wonder if it will ever happe... more

"Man of Steel" opens this weekend.† There are many professional athletes who claim to be Superman (looking at you Dwight Howard and Shaq). And even here in the NFL, Cam Newton likes to peel back his T-shirt to reveal his No. 1 jersey. But come on, ha... more

NFL The Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and San Diego Chargers have a chance to reach the postseason. A realistic chance? Well, that's not the way I would put it. But as Lloyd Christmas once said, "So you're saying there's a chance." Bu... more

What we are talking about: Robert Griffin III He's the one Colin Kaepernick Bump the breaks a little CM Punk Get back soon Wow, that game between the Raiders and the Broncos ... can you believe what happened? It was amazing. Like... more

Thursday night has been awful for fantasy owners this year (save Andre Brown's monster game in Week 2). And Eric Decker has been a thorn in the side of fantasy owners for the last four weeks, where he has had fewer than 65 receiving yards in each of... more

The fantasy football playoffs start this week (or at least loom for some of you) and the work has just started. Yes, it's nice to make the playoffs (I'm good in every one of mine, except my League of Record) but now is the time to roll up the sleeves... more

NFL A number of teams clinched playoff spots this weekend. However, we still have some debate for the bottom of the NFL. Those teams that could end up being No. 1 - in April. One team flying under the radar is the Jacksonville Jaguars.... more


What we are talking about: Colin Kaepernick He's the one Darren McFadden Don't hurry back, bro Joe Gordon-Levitt Is he the new Batman? Well, this is just awkward. I believe you all know how I've felt about Cam Newton this season.... more

If you've followed me at all, you know I'm the biggest fantasy fraidy cat when it comes to the Thursday night game. Play the wrong guy and it's a long weekend of fantasy bagels. If you sit a guy who goes off, you can take comfort in the guys you stil... more

One of the discussions I had with my editor this week is if Colin Kaepernick is really a sleeper or not. I've known about him since his days at Nevada, but then again, I watch Western Athletic Conference football. But there seems to be no debate th... more

Peyton Manning's autographs November 27, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was caught on camera asking Peyton Manning for an autograph sparking an internet outrage across the country. What?s the big deal? Charles is a fan of the game. And it?s not like it?s the first time Man... more

NFL We are in the stretch drive in the race for No. 1 and a number of teams stepped up their performances in Week 12 to make a bid for the ultimate consolation prize. (Check out the six biggest soul-crushing losses of 2012 .) Take the N... more

You might want to brace yourself if you haven't heard the news, but Fireman Ed has quit the Jets . No, he wasn't a member of the team. And no, he wasn't a life-long fan of the Jets (he was an admitted Miami Dolphins fan early in his life). Yet... more

What we are talking about: Andy Luck He's the one Marcel Reece Late-season find of the year CM Punk Congrats, champ Somebody called Joe Flacco one of the more frustrating quarterbacks in fantasy football, but I would disagree with... more

If you've followed me at all, you know how much I love to play guys on Monday night. No matter how far you're down, you always feel like you have a chance with those. Conversely, I feel terrible about having to play guys during "Thursday Night Footba... more

We seemed to escape through most of the season without much quarterback controversy as most stayed healthy. Which made it a real bummer to try to make trades. That has all changed now. But a quick tip, if you have some excess at quarterback, you sh... more

NFL When we started the "Fans for Matt Barkley" it seemed like a good idea. Kind of like how a return to USC to take a run at the Heisman Trophy and the national championship seemed like a good idea for Barkley. Sorry, too soon? But I... more

What we are talking about: Andy Luck He's the one Norv Turner Him and Mike Brown can hang Randy Savage Gone, but not forgotten They say breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson; Justin Bieber and Selen... more

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have generated the most headlines during their rookie season, but they aren't the only rookie signal callers who have made a name for themselves this season. One of those quarterbacks is Ryan Tannehill, who you... more

If you've followed me at all, you know how much I love to play guys on Monday night. After a hard-fought week of games, it's kind of nice to have one last little boost to possibly win your week for you (which is what happened with Jamaal Charles).... more

The NFL schedule maker really did a number on us here in Week 11 as three big-time running backs will be on a bye - Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson and Marshawn Lynch. Even the loss of Ahmad Bradshaw and Andre Brown is going to hurt running back depth... more

NFL If you were to put together a bucket list for a coach about to lose his job, you have the inexplicable loss followed by a postgame freakout to make it all but complete. Hey look, there's Norv Turner right there! Please tell me you'v... more

What we are talking about: Doug Martin He's the one Eli†Manning Back where he belongs Jimmy Johnson Could have been worse Does Andrew Luck belong in the race for MVP? It's an interesting question which has recently come up. (And b... more

The Indianapolis Colts will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday Night Football (exclusively on NFL Network). And there is no disgrace to say Andrew Luck is the main reason I will tune in. (And yes, this even goes beyond fantasy football.)... more

Two big-time quarterbacks are on a bye this week, Aaron Rodgers and Robert Griffin III. If you weren't prepared for this, don't fret -- there are some real good sleeper options for Week 10. We will start with Russell Wilson, who makes Rank's 11 for... more

What would you do if you had the power to change one thing in the NFL? I posed the question to you. Personally, my biggest idea (well, other than a national holiday following Super Bowl Sunday, which would totally work if you added a bye week to push... more

NFL Only Tim Tebow can save the season for the New York Jets. Just not the way you think. Congratulations to the San Diego Chargers; you found a team in worse shape than you. Now there's a chance the Chargers might make a run in the AFC... more

What we are talking about: Tony†Romo Now you may start him again Josh†Freeman Not so fast, my friend Boba Fett Can't wait for Episode VII There was a time when the New York Jets were an anonymous team to me. They had Joe Namath an... more


The NFL trade deadline is Thursday afternoon, and let's be honest, it's not going to be very exciting. While we'd like to see deals with DeAngelo Williams going to the Green Bay Packers, or Tony Romo to the Arizona Caridnals, or Dwayne Bowe heading... more

Detroit Lions WR Titus Young was the hot name on the waiver wire after he had two touchdowns against the Seahawks, but now the question for fantasy enthusiasts is if you can play the guy this week. Yes. Yes, you do. Young is going up against the... more

NFL Only Tim Tebow can save the season for the New York Jets. Just not the way you think. The idea to draft Matt Barkley doesn't hold the same weight his week after another USC debilitating loss to Arizona and a possible embarrassment this... more

What we are talking about: Eli†Manning Now you may start him again Matthew†Stafford You're killing me, and Megatron CM Punk Love the guy, hate booking We don't get a lot of traditions in San Diego. Green Bay has the Frozen Tundra... more

We took a big hit on quarterbacks during the bye in Week 7. Now in Week 8, we're looking at the NFL b-squad of quarterbacks sitting out, with Red Dalton, Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub and Ryan Fitzpatrick sitting out. Those guys are like the mid-card guys... more

NFL Matt Barkley might not have to move far if this week's No. 1 runs the table There is a lot of parity in the NFL right now (though, some like Dave Dameshek like to refer to it as mediocrity), but there are clearly some teams who are in... more

What we are talking about: Amish Rifle Good start this week? Eli†Manning Elite, but not this week Ryback Dolph is right Beyonc√© is going to be your Super Bowl halftime entertainment this year. And we could really kick this off... more

Happy birthday to Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears (and yes, I guess we can say New Orleans Saints) coach Mike Ditka on Thursday, who turned 73. The NFL hasn't been the same since he roamed the sidelines. This got me thinking, with Jim... more

There are a lot of big-name quarterbacks on bye this week, including Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning and Michael Vick. Philip Rivers is on a bye this week, too, but that should come as a relief to fantasy enthusiasts who have had their seasons or at least... more

NFL Matt Barkley might not have to move far if this week's No. 1 runs the table We're well past the quarter point of the 2012 season and some teams are in serious danger of completely falling out of the race for No. 1, the No. 1 pick in th... more

What we are talking about: Andy Luck Good start this week? Matt†Stafford Why is he Fantasy Illuminati? Stat corrections Again! You really hate to give a Yankee credit, but manager Joe Girardi showed fantasy enthusiasts everywhere... more

There are a number of big-name quarterbacks on byes, with Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert all off this week. In addition, an injury to Robert Griffin III and the general badness of Tony Romo means quarterbacks are at a premium in Week 6.... more

NFL The Cleveland Browns continues to be the leader in the clubhouse for the services of Matt Barkley. We've just past the quarter point of the 2012 season and some teams are in serious danger of completely falling out of the race for No.... more

What we are talking about: Brady vs. Manning Still relevant Philip†Rivers Nevermind the matchup Mike Trout MVP! MVP! MVP! Romantic comedies typically follow this same plot point: Boy chases his dream girl with the help of his ner... more

Quarterback is the biggest source of consternation among fantasy football enthusiasts, mostly from the people who wasted a first-round pick on a QB. Like me, with Cam Newton. Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Michael Vick are not top 10 fantasy... more

NFL The Cleveland Browns continues to be the leader in the clubhouse for the services of Matt Barkley. We've reached the quarter point of the 2012 season and some teams are in serious danger of completely falling out of the race for No. 1,... more


What we are talking about: Matt†Ryan The No. 1 fantasy quarterback? LeSean†McCoy Enough with this feud Stat corrections Pure evil Apologies if the curtain is pulled back with this statement, but it turns out advertisers like to u... more

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was fined $50,000 on Wednesday after he grabbed an official following the team's Week 3 loss at Baltimore. Belichick yearned for an explanation about a close field goal conversion by Justin Tucker , which... more

If you have a big game against the Indianapolis Colts, that's nice. Enjoy the warm handshakes and bro hugs, but it's not going to move the fantasy needle. Have a good game against the 49ers? Now you have something to talk about. Christian Ponder,... more

NFL Photos Cleveland is still the leader in the clubhouse right now † There are a number of big-time teams who have started slowly out of the gate with a 1-2 mark; teams you might not expect to be on a list of below .500 teams. The Pittsbur... more

What we are talking about: Alex†Smith No, seriously Cam†Newton He's the "Wild Thing" again Stanford fans No seriously, what was that? Fantasy football, comic books and video games. It was only a matter of time before an Emmy Awar... more

The early reviews of Michael Strahan have been really positive for "Live!" Surprisingly good. I was talking to some lady about the show at A Slice of New York in Huntington Beach, Calif., the other day and she said, "I really like that Michael on... more

It's time for a look at the sleepers. Before going forward it should be noted, none of these guys are going to replace Peyton Manning or Julio Jones in your lineup. I understand, they both let us down on Monday Night. No need to be impetuous, though.... more

AP How do you feel about Cleveland? Here's the most overused statistic of the week: Only three teams that have started 0-2 have gone on to win the Super Bowl. Don't bother with Googling it; your teams are 1993 Dallas Cowboys, 2001 New England... more

What we are talking about: Andy†Luck The rookie QB to start RG3 Overvalued this week? Mike Trout Best rookie in any sport? Blake Lively was in the news this week as she married her former co-star (more on that movie in a moment)... more

The Chicago Bears (who take on the Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football, only on NFL Network) are one of the most iconic teams in football history. No, make it sports history! So it should come as no surprise the Bears have also made a... more

Let me guess, the majority of you checking in for a fantasy sleepers column likely have some combination of Fred Jackson, Steven Jackson, Wes Welker, DeAngelo Williams, Larry Fitzgerald or Greg Jennings. Yeah, I know how you feel. There were some... more

NFL Photos The Indianapolis Colts don't have a need for Matt Barkley, but they are the early leaders. † There are a lot of teams riding high right now after big Week 1 victories. Many of them have thoughts of being No. 1. But let's not... more

What we are talking about: Jay†Cutler Can he really be a top QB? Mike†Mularkey Don't pull #shanahanigans Mike Trout Outperformed his deal Jets coach Rex Ryan said he is tired of his team being labeled a circus. And then he shot w... more

Take a look at your roster right now. Seriously, right now; I'll wait. There are a couple of names on your roster that likely don't belong. Get rid of those guys. Let me tell you, Santana Moss is not going to do much of anything for your team. Instea... more

NFL Photos Is there a chance Matt Barkley could spend his NFL playing days in his college stadium? † Let's get this out of the way quickly: "Fans for Barkley" doesn't have the same panache as "Suck for Luck." But one lucky (forgive me) fan... more


What we are talking about: Jamaal†Charles Can he really be a top back? Mike†Wallace Don't hurry back soon Mike Trout He's the best in the world You hear people talk about the consensus top 10 in fantasy football, but who is the N... more

Roger Clemens is returning to the world of baseball. Not Major League Baseball, mind you (though the Oakland A's could use a pitcher right now). Clemens will pitch Saturday for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League. Why can't... more

In honor of new coach Jeff Fisher, the St. Louis Rams will give out mustaches to all fans in attendance for their Week 2 preseason regular-season game, in an attempt to set a world record. It's a cool tradition that hopefully will carry over when th... more

Recently, our crew of fantasy football analysts conducted a mock fantasy football auction draft. The 15-man roster consisted of one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one WR/RB, one K, one DEF and six bench spots. It uses's standard scoring system... more

What we are talking about: Darren†McFadden Can he really be a top back? Ryan†Mathews Injured again. Thanks. SummerSlam No way, Triple H can lose I feel you McKayla Maroney , I'm not impressed with many of the options at fantasy... more

This has been a big week with sprinters and the NFL. Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson -- among others -- said he could beat Usain Bolt in a race. Now former Florida Gator Jeff Demps hopes to play in the NFL this season . Before we're... more

Associated Press Dez Bryant (left) and Darrius Heyward-Bey both have the chance to become all-time greats for their teams. † "Monday Night Football" features the Dallas†Cowboys and the Oakland†Raiders ; two of the most storied, revered and... more

The most common (more like lamest) excuse for not playing fantasy football is the tired refrain, "I just don't have the time." Because yes, we all lead very busy lives. Oh yes, how can find time for fantasy football as we're busy curing cancer,... more

The preseason is a welcome reprieve for those of us ready for football (or maybe tired of watching our team's bullpen blow a week full of leads). But there is always a little bit of trepidation, as we watch the games with one eye covered out of... more

If your fantasy football draft is coming up this weekend (and really, we need to talk about this), just take Mike Wallace off your boards. Or at least push him way down. Talks between Wallace and the Pittsburgh Steelers are non-existent. And a trad... more

Associated Press † U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps finished his reign as the most prolific Olympian in history. But how does he compare to perhaps the greatest player in NFL history (or at least No. 1 in the NFL Network Top 100), Jerry Rice?... more

The reign of Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Kevin Kolb as the top signal caller in the desert lasted about as long as the Daniel Bryan title defense in Wrestlemania. But at least Bryan got a peck from AJ for his troubles. Kolb had what we w... more

Bad start for Starks Are the Green Bay Packers going to run more this year? That's what Greg Jennings told our Michael Fabiano during a recent trip to NFL Network. But before you race to draft Jimmy Starks this season, reports are he's struggling in... more

Pick Six: Coolest nicknames August 03, 2012

Forgive the spoiler alert, but there is little doubt Gabby Douglas is going to be one of the biggest - if not the biggest - breakout star of the 2012 Olympics back here in the states. And not only should we laud her for winning the gold (sorry,... more

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson doesn't want you to win your fantasy football league. That's the only reason I can ascertain after he appeared on NFL AM on Thursday morning and encouraged fantasy enthusiasts to take him in the first round. Ye... more

Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson doesn't want you to win your fantasy football league. That's the only reason I can ascertain after he appeared on NFL AM on Thursday morning and encouraged fantasy enthusiasts to take him in the first round. Ye... more

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger isn't worried about a little tear in his rotator cuff . That's cool. You know who is worried? This guy! There are no little injuries when it comes to rotator cuff injuries. But Roethlisberger is pl... more

London has done a fantastic job hosting the Olympics. Or at least it appears that way, because being on the West Coast means we can only follow the Games out here via "Today Show" spoilers. But it looks like a good time. It even reminds me of when... more


San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was at practice Tuesday night, but he didn't work out, according to reports. Mathews was involved in a minor two-car accident on Monday night and was taken to the hospital for pain. Drugs and alcohol are... more

Can Peyton Manning still go deep? The big question is Peyton Manning's arm strength right now . Though the real question for fantasy enthusiasts should be, are our expectations too high for Peyton Manning? Too often we view football as plug-and-pla... more

Associated Press     The Olympic opening ceremonies were Friday evening (or morning, depending on where you live) and it begs to question, what is the better sporting event - the summer Olympics or the Super Bowl? We might be biased here o... more

Associated Press Chicago and Baltimore have long NFL histories, but which one comes out on top?   The collective fan bases in Chicago and Baltimore can breathe easy, as Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte and Baltimore Ravens running back... more

Training camp is just days away, and it's never too early to start some preseason predictions. In fact, there were so many predictions filling my brain, I had too many for one post. On Tuesday, I predicted that the Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC... more

Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   1. Who will be this season's biggest breakout player? The Chargers have a lot of confidence in Ryan Mathews this season, and fantasy enthusiasts sh... more

  Congratulations to our reigning home-run derby champions (yes, plural), Prince Fielder and Rob Gronkowski. Fielder won MLB's version (you might have missed it because the competitors take so many pitches they make your typical New York... more

LaDainian Tomlinson joined the cast of NFL Network's "Total Access" on Monday and kicked around some predictions for the upcoming season. Training camp is just around the corner, and it's never too early to make some predictions (which you all can... more

QBs - Rank RBs - Fabiano WRs - Jason Smith TEs - Harrison Overall draft strategies   The way we draft quarterbacks has changed over the years. There were times when a quarterback being picked in the first round of a fantasy draft... more

M. Fabiano A. Gbaja-Biamila M. Grant A. Rank J. Smith † This "perfect" draft is based on's standard 10-team leagues with a basic (non-PPR) scoring system that rewards four points for touchdown passes and six points for all... more


David Drapkin/Associated Press Don't be swayed by Adrian Peterson's ACL surgery, he's still a keeper. Wow, can you believe it's July already? Those keeper questions you've been avoiding all year like your tax extension? Yeah, it's time to take... more

Scott Boehm/Associated Press Oh no, Joe Buck (center) just saw Randy Moss pull a fake moon. Get ready for a lecture. Some former NFL players gathered at NFL Films this week to participate in the broadcast boot camp as they transition from the... more

Jason O. Watson / US Presswire Whose college program is better, Tim Tebow's Gators or Brady Quinn's Fighting Irish?   Tim Tebow shocked the world when he took some not-so-subtle jabs at Brady Quinn and Notre Dame in an interview posted on... more

England was handed a tough break in the quarters of the 2012 European Cup. The English side had numerous chances to put away a game against Italy, but it lost in penalty kicks. Kickers. What can you do? The same thing happens in American football,... more

Happy birthday to Joe Montana -- the greatest quarterback who ever lived . Although, many of you who were on the business end of a Montana comeback might not have many well wishes. In fact, Montana ruined one of my birthdays when he tossed two... more

Associated Press Who was better?   Chad Ochocinco was released by the Patriots on Thursday, as he was never quite able to live up to his past. You know, back when he was Chad Johnson. But here's a question, who was the better receiver, was... more

The Electronic Entertainment Expo began on Tuesday. If you'll excuse the hacky analogy, the event is easily the Super Bowl for gamers. Every major gaming company (including EA Sports, the makers of the popular "Madden" football series) will... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Bargains   Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   Click the above tabs to see picks from our various analysts Here'... more

Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   Click the above tabs to see picks from our various analysts 1. Tony Romo will have more fantasy points than Drew Brees. More than the... more

Draft kit | Deep sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Bargains | Strategies   Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   Click the above tabs to see picks from our various analysts Jos... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep sleepers | Breakouts | Bargains | Strategies   Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   Click the above tabs to see picks from our various analysts... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep sleepers | Busts | Bargains | Strategies   Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   Click the above tabs to see picks from our various analysts... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Deep sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Strategies   Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   Chris Johnson, RB, Titans: It's hard to believe Johnson could be... more

Best Movie QBs Ever June 01, 2012

Who was better, Shane Falco or Johnny Utah? (We answered that question in the Gridiron Breakdown). And is one of them the best fictional quarterback of all-time? Here?s a list of... more

Draft kit | Sleepers | Busts | Breakouts | Bargains | Strategies   Mike Fabiano Dave Dameshek Elliot Harrison Adam Rank Jason Smith Matt Smith   Click the above tabs to see picks from our various analysts Greg... more

What we are talking about: Josh†Freeman He will bounce back in 2012 Matt†Ryan Something doesn't add up L.A. Kings Are they a team of destiny? HBO has selected the Dolphins as this year's participant on "Hard Knocks." And I had tw... more


Marvel/Associated Press Keanu Reeves' two fictional quarterbacks stage a duel in the latest Gridiron Breakdown.   One of the most hotly debated subjects in the list of best fictional quarterbacks is who was better, Johnny Utah or Shane... more

Associated Press Amazingly, Norm Van Brocklin's 554-yard passing game from 1951 still stands as the all-time single-game standard. We have another member of the 500 Club, as Eli Manning joined a small group of quarterbacks who have passed for... more

The summer is officially ?movie season? and since we have a few weeks before training camps get started, let?s take a look at the best football movies ever.... more

Do you remember those awesomely ridiculous NFL posters from the 80s, like this Bo Jackson "Black and Blue " poster? Because "Men in Black 3" hits theaters this weekend and if those posters were still produced today, you can bet there would be a Men... more

Associated Press     The San Antonio Spurs have swept the Los Angeles Clippers and are the odds-on favorites to win the NBA title next month. A lot of pundits have already started to compare the team to the New England Patriots, in terms o... more

The Miami Heat have won back-to-back NBA titles and probably will be favored to win a third consecutive title in 2014. But in the NFL, no team has been able to win three consecutive Super Bowls (put your hands down, Green Bay Packers fans). So tonig... more

Tenacious D released its latest album, "Rize of the Fenix" on Tuesday, and whether you care for the comedy shock duo or not, you have to admit it theirs would be a pretty cool nickname for a defense, right? And that got me thinking about how... more

Congratulations to the Philadelphia 76ers for their victory over the Chicago Bulls in the first-round of the NBA playoffs. This now sets the stage for a classic playoff series between the Sixers and the Boston Celtics. Many fans who watched the NBA... more

The moment I heard Jon Hamm was going to star in a feature film called "Million Dollar Arm," I started to wonder which Hollywood quarterback fallback would get the job -- Keanu Reeves or Dennis Quaid. But it turns out "Million Dollar Arm" is... more

Geoff Burke/US Presswire Robert Griffin III has applied for a trademark on his name, nickname and catchphrase. Robert Griffin III wasted no time as he filed trademark applications for his own name , plus "RGIII" and "RG3." But what really took... more

Marvel/Associated Press Robert Griffin III takes on his hero, the Hulk -- the latest Gridiron Breakdown.   This weekend saw two impressive debuts from "The Avengers," which established record ticket sales and Robert Griffin III for the... more

What we are talking about: Jay†Cutler Doing pretty well for himself Luck or RG3 Who do you pick in 2012? Punk vs. Bryan Matchup for the ages The 2012 NFL Draft is in the rearview mirror and it's time to start looking forward to t... more

New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire is being lampooned after he injured his hand punching a fire extinguisher after a loss to the Miami Heat in Game 2 of their playoff series. But don't worry Amare, you're only going to miss the rest of a... more


Being named "Mr. Irrelevant," as the final pick in the NFL draft is called, has to be considered the ultimate consolation prize in sports. Mr. Irrelevant not only gets a chance to make an NFL roster, he gets to be the guest of honor at Irrelevant... more

The first day of the 2012 NFL Draft brought some unexpected sights and sounds, and we can't wait to see even more in Day 2. But before we do that, let's take a look back at the weird, the wild... more

Associated Press There would be no draft slide this time for Rodgers in a redraft of the NFL. One of my favorite events of the last year has been DC Comics' re-launch of its titles with the so-called "New 52" series. That got me thinking, what... more

Ryan Tannehill continues to rise up draft boards, because NFL teams always seem to fall for the hype. And it doesn't matter how many times teams are burned, it's as inevitable as a Kardashian publicity stunt. With that in mind, I'd like to take a... more

Associated Press Andrew Luck will have some big shoes to fill when he joins the Colts.  The Colts have made it official: They are going to select Andrew Luck with the first overall selection of the 2012 NFL Draft . Whew, good thing we ended tha... more

The first round of the 2012 NFL Draft , which will be held Thursday, has the makings of an all-timer, given that this is one of the more epic draft classes. Expectations are very high for Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, and there is a deep crop... more

Auburn and Alabama have one of the most storied rivalries in college football, but who has the edge when it spills over to the NFL? Here is a look at some of the best players from Auburn and Alabama and you can be the judge.... more

I might be the last person in the world who still purchases magazines, but I love them. If you thumb through a copy of Vanity Fair , GQ or Maxim, the style section always features awesome cars, cool clothes and top-shelf liquor. You'll see a... more

What we're talking about: Aaron†Rodgers No.1 of the Fantasy Illuminati Bobby Meachem Better than you think he is "Justified" Best show on T.V. I got a tweet from Jake Roberts (like that's his real name) over the weekend, bashing... more

By now we've all seen the Tupac hologram, which rocked the stage at the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday night (here's the video ). And now we have our leader in the clubhouse for Super Bowl XLVII halftime show. I ask you, how would it be... more

Associated Press Fenway Park and Lambeau Field are two of the most beloved stadiums in sports.   Venerable Fenway Park will celebrate its 100th anniversary over the weekend with a series against the Tampa Bay (don't call them Devil) Rays. T... more

Wes Welker stopped by Studio 66 for the latest Dave Dameshek Football Program (available on iTunes ) and it got me thinking -- with the 2012 NFL Draft looming -- how strange it is that players can still slip through the cracks of the draft during... more

Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing people in sports (if not the most) and he could find a kindred spirit in John Cena. I made the comparison between the two way back, but since Cena never changes his character and won't turn heel even though we'... more

My favorite part of the whole Dwight Howard saga is he doesn't want to be traded to Los Angeles because either a) he doesn't want to play with Kobe Bryant, or b) he doesn't want to follow Shaq's legacy of moving from the Orlando Magic to the... more

If "Mad Men" is any indication, the 1960s had it all -- guys in snappy suits, Scotch in the office and a secretary pool that is willing to meet your needs. The 1960s also had the start of the common draft between AFL and NFL teams, which began in 196... more

Happy Opening Day everybody! Though I strongly believe Opening Day won't officially start until Albert Pujols takes his first swings Friday for your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Sorry, A's, Mariners, Marlins and everybody who played Thursday.... more

We are at the all-star break of the Major League baseball season. Here?s a look at the careers of two of the greatest gridiron diamonds of all time, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.... more

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- Ahman Green has no problem starting at the bottom. He started his NFL career as a wedge-buster on the Seahawks' special teams in 1998, despite being a third-round draft pick. But his hard work led him to be a Pro Bowl runnin... more

UNIVERSAL CITY -- Ahman Green has no problem starting at the bottom. He started his NFL career as a wedge buster on the Seattle Seahawks' special teams in 1998, despite being a third-round draft pick. But his hard work led him to be a Pro Bowl runnin... more

Congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats, who joined the New York Giants and the Alabama Crimson Tide in winning major sports championships during the 2012 calendar year. But whose championship was more impressive -- the Giants' or the Wildcats'? Let... more

You can tell a lot about a man if you just look at the people he follows on Twitter. And when I took a gander at Takeo Spikes' list recently, I knew I had to ask him about it during his recent visit to the NFL Network studios. So we get to the bottom... more


Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow in New York seems like some pairing in a buddy-sports movie, where guys from opposite sides have to co-exist for the betterment of the team. (We'll discuss which actors play Tebow and Sanchez later.) Right now, the scuttl... more

NFL owners voted Wednesday to change the regular-season overtime rules to match the playoff format and have turnovers automatically reviewed. The rule to have all replays handled up in the booth (eliminating the six to ten minutes it takes an NFL... more

Moments after Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets , I want to believe that Neil O'Donnell had a moment of joy, knowing he was no longer in the bottom two for worst quarterbacks to ever play for the team. Then he called up Browning Nagle, and the two... more

What we are talking about: Eric Decker He's the one to have in Denver Ryan†Clark A player worth following Mandy Peet She's back on TV; life's good Tim Tebow was recently gunning for Mark Sanchez's girl, Kate Upton, and now he's g... more

Peyton Manning has left more tongues wagging than your typical Kate Upton cover photo, as many teams were forced to evaluate their own quarterback position against the possibility of bringing in one of the best quarterbacks of his era. Now some tea... more

You can be certain that all of the fashionable homeless in Colorado will wear Tim Tebow jerseys this fall, because the new hot-ticket item will be Peyton Manning's freshly minted No. 18 Broncos jersey. But Handsome Hank of the "Dave Dameshek... more

Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press Manning looks like a lock to sign with the Cardinals if our data is to be believed.   The Peyton Manning sweepstakes are really starting to heat up and it seems like everybody has an opinion on where he wil... more

The Peyton Manning field has been thinned to four teams, with Arizona, Denver, Miami and Tennessee (all right, maybe it's just three) all vying for position . There is, of course, the chance for a darkhorse to emerge out of nowhere to throw the... more

Peyton Manning is the first member of the Indianapolis Colts to have his number retired, making him the face of the franchise. (The other retired numbers are Baltimore Colts.) But what about the other 31 teams? Not only am I presenting you the face... more

I own a Bo Jackson Angels jersey. It's the coolest. And it typically leads to a couple of responses of "Hey, Reggie Jackson didn't wear No. 22" or, "I forgot Jackson ended his career with the Angels." And it happens a lot in sports, when a star... more

It's Super Tuesday, everybody. Sports and politics have always mixed -- especially football. And it goes beyond the gratuitous visit to the White House after winning a championship.   Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gerald Ford and Ronald... more

The franchise tag was created years ago to allow teams to keep big-name players with the organizations that made them famous. Now fast-forward to 2012, when the Jaguars are using the franchise tag to hang on to kicker Josh Scobee. So maybe it's... more

What we are talking about: Calvin Johnson Fantasy Illuminati at WR Austin or Dez Who are you keeping? Hines†Ward Worthy of the Hall of Fame? Let me tell you something, Kate Upton rules the world. Not only is she dating Mark Sanch... more

100. It still stands as one of the most hallowed numbers in all of sports. There's still a certain magic that lingers in the symmetry. And it boggles the mind to think somebody could score 100 points in an NBA game. But that's what Wilt... more

"Dancing with the Stars" no longer is for C-list celebrities but apparently third receivers on the depth chart, too. I feel like somebody should call ABC right now and let them know they have Donald Driver on the show, not Greg Jennings. "Dancing... more


Happy Leap Day, everybody! I hope you're wearing your blue and gold. Or maybe "30 Rock" was just funning us all along (meaning there's no Leap Day Willie, either). Just watch the episode here . In any event, I'd like to take time on Leap Day to... more

Some of the greatest movies have been about football -- "North Dallas 40", "Brian's Song" and "Any Given Sunday". All right, maybe we can try to erase "Any Given Sunday" from our minds. But let's not forget one of my all-time favorites, "Heaven... more

"What's the most you've ever lost in a coin toss?" "Sir?" "The most. You've ever lost. On a coin toss." All right, Friday's coin toss to determine draft position is not going to be as daunting as Anton Chigurh glaring at you (that's a "No... more

What we are talking about: Adrian Peterson Still fantasy Illuminati? AD or MJD Who are you keeping? CM Punk Better than Chris Brown Reggie Bush has been the most troubling running back to figure while putting together my list of... more

Happy Ash Wednesday, everybody! For the uninitiated, here's a very basic definition: Ash Wednesday is the kickoff of Lent, or the 40-day holy season leading up to Easter for many Christians. If you aren't Catholic but have Catholic friends, you... more

NFL It's time for Kenny Washington to get his due as a true pioneer. Jackie Robinson and Kenny Washington stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the athletic fields of UCLA, as both excelled at football and baseball. Yet they remain worlds apart in our... more

What we are talking about: Eli†Manning Has he joined the fantasy elite? Rodgers or Newton Who are you keeping? "Justified" The best show on television Kate Upton is the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, joining a ver... more

Is Jeremy Lin the new Tim Tebow? If he's not, he at least has made things interesting in the doldrums of the sports calendar immediately after the Super Bowl. It's true. I can't remember the last time I watched a non-Lakers regular-season basketbal... more

Great news, everybody: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush could be dating again ! This is something to help our grieving nation. But doesn't it seem like reunions have been in the air recently? In addition to Bush and his celebutante, Randy Moss... more

Super Bowl MVP balloting typically is just a matter of the voters being able to identify the winning quarterback. (It's a good thing this Giants fan was not asked to cast a vote .) But there are a number of unsung heroes who often go unnoticed. Here... more

Moments after the Giants captured Super Bowl XLVI , legions of morose Patriots fans filed out of Lucas Oil Stadium, unable to bring themselves to watch New Yorkers celebrate.  And as a fan, you just hope the guys on your team feel as awful as you... more

They say revenge is a dish best served cold ... or as an orange-flaky caramel crisp dipped in chocolate. Like a Butterfinger bar. On Tuesday, 900 pounds of Butterfingers (8,000 bars) were delivered to Copley Square in Boston -- no doubt mocking Wes... more

Is Eli Manning one of the greatest Giants of all time? He's getting close. But you have to remember the Giants are one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. Eli is going to need a little more consistency over his career to break this... more

The suspense to find out the greatest Patriots player of all time will have as much suspense as your typical Super Bowl from the 1980s. This one is a runaway. But there are some interesting questions, especially at No. 2. Does that intrigue you? I... more


INDIANAPOLIS -- I know it's only Monday, but I would like to welcome Indianapolis into the Super Bowl rotation. Honestly, the city has been this remarkable and I'm not sure I've been here for 24 hours yet. In the two-minute walk to the media... more

Who do you have, Boston or New York? America, nay the world, was thrilled when the Patriots knocked off the St. Louis Football Club back in 2001. The world again had Boston's back when it rallied to beat New York back in 2004. But then the tide chang... more

What we are talking about: Eli†Manning Better than his brother? The L.A. Rams London game just the start "St. Elmo's Fire" Now breaking NFL news This wasn't a good week for Aaron Rodgers. First, he lost to the Giants in an NFC... more

One of my favorite non-playoff stories of the weekend was the notion Tiger Woods and Tim Tebow were going to pair up at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on Feb. 9-12. Really? There hasn't been polar opposites this extreme since Kim Kardashian and... more

NFL Golden Globes January 15, 2012

Welcome to the NFL's version of the Golden Globe Awards, as we take a look at the NFL's biggest winners -- which explains why you won't see any photos of Tony Romo. Or Rex Ryan because we don't have an award for most time spent in line at Steak-n-Sha... more

What we are talking about: Eli†Manning Somebody please stop me The Jets Nobody likes a rat Ricky Gervais Please don't let us down One of the things I'm readying in anticipation of the Super Bowl is a look at the six greatest play... more

Our Michael Lombardi wrote today that Hollywood couldn't script the Tim Tebow story any better. I'm sure Matt Stone and Trey Parker already are working on the treatment. But before that happens, allow me to offer my suggestions for who should be... more

What we are talking about: Eli†Manning Nope, I never learn do I? Rodgers or Brees Who are you going with? Chris Jericho He's back, but to face who? We declared Katy Perry as the free agent of the year for 2012, but now she has so... more

Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press Dwight Freeney has reason to celebrate: His Colts own the No. 1 pick in this year's draft.   It's time for the final Alternative Rankings for 2011, a look at the bottom six in the NFL. This isn't the exac... more


What we are talking about: Cam Newton My No. 1 going forward Week 17 playoffs Please stop with this Van Halen Need a true reunion Free agency is going to be a hot topic going forward, with names like Marques Colston, Brandon Lloy... more

The Star-Ledger/US Presswire Mark Sanchez wasn't about to let Eli take the title of 'Worst QB in New York.'   It's Tuesday on, and that means it's time for the power rankings. But here on the Pick Six, we see things a little... more

"Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way. ... But out of that a new holiday was born: a Festivus for the... more

What we are talking about this week: Cam Newton He's the Duke, A-No. 1 Eli the Mauler Fantasy dreams have ended Daniel Bryan WWE pushes the underdogs Mark Sanchez was spotted recently with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate U... more

Brian Spurlock/US Presswire Seriously, Chris Johnson. You were tackled by two Colts. That's not good.   It's Tuesday on, and that means it's time for the power rankings. But here at Pick Six, we see things a little differently. Whil... more

The NFL announced Monday that a number of Hollywood veterans will tutor players for future careers in cinema, which seems like a fantastic idea. I mean, reality television can only churn out so many C-list actors, so somebody has to fill the void.... more

What we're talking about this week: Tony†Romo Better than Eli this week? Adrian Peterson Is he too rusty to play? "Homeland" Will Brody push the button? Jennifer Aniston is the sexiest woman ever? That's what the editors of Men's... more

Todd Rosenberg/NFL The Packers showed that the Raiders are closer to the bottom than the top of the NFL.   It's Tuesday on, and that means it's time for the power rankings. But here on the Pick Six, we see things a little differentl... more

What we're talking about: Philip†Rivers Please, don't go. We need you. Joe†Flacco Great matchup, bad projections. Lakers basketball Paul deal too good to be true. The Yasmine Bleeth Principle has been in the news recently. What's... more

Darron Cummings/Associated Press Eli takes one last chance to watch Aaron Rodgers highlights on the big screen.   It's Tuesday on, and that means it's time for the power rankings. But here on the Pick Six, we see things a little... more

What we're talking about: Eli the Messiah My season is in his hands. Philip†Rivers It's time for us to take a break. John Cena Like Tebow, I'm coming around. I love this time of year because we get a ton of the "year's best" list... more


Darron Cummings/Associated Press Someone in Indianapolis has his head in the game.   The race for the No. 1 overall draft pick nearly is over, but who's No. 2? A number of teams that don't need a quarterback are starting to crowd the top of... more

What we are talking about: Matt Ryan Falcons QB is a must-start. Jonathan Stewart Panthers RBs are good to go. CM Punk He's the 'Best in the World.' What would Phil Dunphy do? Anybody who caught "Modern Family" on Wednesday night... more

Brad Mills/US Presswire Mike Shanahan claims that Riggins wasn‚??t much of a sultan. (Read on, it will make sense.) ¬† Welcome back to the party, NFC West. After getting a reprieve for going 4-0 in Week 10, the NFC West makes its return to t... more

Mike Carter/US Presswire Kevin Smith looked great, but don't expect another huge game.   Here is an awesome fantasy team that would have crushed whatever team you were playing: Rex Grossman, Kevin Smith, Charles Clay, Jabar Gaffney, Johnny... more

Sunday's fantasy performances offered a bunch of "Who's that?" comments, as some anonymous players took your fantasy points. Here's a quick look at this weekend's winners and losers.... more

Michael Conroy/Associated Press You did all right, NFC West ... take the week off.   You know the race for No. 1 has turned into a runaway when all four NFC West teams won in Week 10. The last time that happened, the Los Angeles Rams were... more

Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press Yep, Mike Shanahan is at it again.   That's it. Shanahanigans strikes again, but I have the solution: I am no longer playing Redskins on my fantasy team. But that doesn't seem strong enough. So in honor of the... more

Gary A. Vasquez/NFL Well, this is going to happen again, so how about something a little bolder?   Welcome to the second half of the 2011 NFL season. And what a half-season it has been. Aaron Rodgers continues to dominate the NFL and the... more

Joel Ryan/Associated Press Don't worry. The new Bond girls are on the "Like" side.   I've cycled through my running backs like a producer goes through Bond girls. And the worst part: There isn't an Ursula Andress or Barbara Bach in the bunc... more

Associated Press Judge Adam is strict yet fair. But his rulings are final.   In honor of the Conrad Murray ruling Monday, it's time for me to take the chair in the court of Adam's opinion to hand down some rulings in the NFL. And who knows?... more

Michael Conroy/Associated Press Some Colts fans aren't sure what they're rooting for these days.   The most compelling story arc in "Pulp Fiction" is between Marsellus and Butch, the latter being forced to throw a fight. My favorite scene i... more

Greg M. Cooper/US Presswire Eli Manning better hope his opponent drops this pass.   Eli Manning's winning drive against the Patriots was eerily similar to his winning drive against them in Super Bowl XLII. Right down to an ill-advised pass... more

Denny Medley/US Presswire Marrying a Kardashian and playing Reggie Bush are two things not to like.   One of the biggest trending topics of the week was Kim Kardashian's divorce from that one guy. In fact, the Twitterverse was asking for... more

Oh Philip, that was a rough one. You botched a snap? That is the kind of stuff we would expect from Eli Manning, not you. But let's not make too big of a deal out of it. You lost a tough divisional game at a place where the Chargers traditionally don... more


Lynne Sladky/Associated Press Some people have no idea what they want. Trust me, luck might not be enough. To be honest, the race for the top overall pick has boiled down to a two-team race, even though the two bottom-feeders in the NFC... more

Week 8 winners and losers October 31, 2011

Who were the biggest winners and losers in fantasy football this weekend? Here is a look back at the weekend that was.... more

Jack Dempsey/Associated Press Will John Fox pull the rug out from under Tebow? How will you remember the Tim Tebow fantasy era? Certainly, Tebow didn't kill you yesterday. He had more points than Tony Romo, Joe Flacco and Drew Brees. And ye... more

Dan Steinberg/Associated Press Is Terrell Owens the Lindsay Lohan of the NFL or vice versa? Lindsay Lohan is going to grace the pages of Playboy -- allow me to echo the sentiments of people everywhere who believe this happened five years t... more

Tom Strattman/Associcated Press That loss by the Colts was impressive, but was it enough to sway the voters? The alternative rankings faced an ethical dilemma this week. Do you reward a team that was so bad that they needed to have a... more

Associcated Press Far too many of these passes are going to the other team, and not to your fantasy studs. What the hell happened to Philip Rivers? Lost in Tebowmania on Sunday was another dismal fantasy performance by Rivers who was once... more

Associated Press The most popular soccer player in America? Of course, it's Hope Solo. The NFL plays its annual deal in England in Week 7, and the Bears-Buccaneers tilt in Wembley Stadium sparked a conversation about the most famous socce... more

Dick Druckman/Associated Press The Dolphins are so bad, opposing teams won't even face forward when running. We are six weeks into the 2011 season, and already we are starting to separate the pretenders from the contenders for the coveted... more

Geoff Burke/US Presswire Why does he look so angry? He's the one who ruined our fantasy team. There is only one recurring storyline that truly matters in fantasy football, and that is Mike Shanahan continues to hate your fantasy team. We we... more

Dan Steinberg/Associated Press Be careful what you wish for, Tim Tebow fans. You might get Morena Baccarin in short hair. I'll explain ... Broncos fans have been vociferous in their desire to see Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback. I... more

Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press Another 'Die Hard?' If Bruce can't do it, there is another guy who can. If the Broncos want to use Tim Tebow to ruin their franchise, you know what, do what you want. It is yours to destroy. But now Tebow is... more

AJ Mast / Associated Press Think Peyton Manning would make for a great player-coach? Think again. The Chicago White Sox flirted with the idea of hiring Paul Konerko as a player-manager, and why not? It worked out so well the last time it... more

Tom Strattman/Associcated Press After some tense moments early, the Colts managed to rally for the loss. We are five weeks into the 2011 season, and already we are starting to separate the pretenders from the contenders for the coveted firs... more

Thomas E. Witte/Associated Press And for his next miracle, Tebow turned water into Gatorade. The Lions are playing in a big game on Monday night -- yeah, let that sink in for a moment. So far, 2011 has been a year of change, and there was n... more

Week 5 is nearly in the books, and we got the return of some big-named players, while some Internet darlings failed to deliver. Here is a look at the top storylines of the week. Tebow Time Broncos fans rejoice, Tim Tebow is finally the starting... more

Associated Press Another tournament run ends in disappointment thanks to Jay Cutler. Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari was voted off "Dancing with the Stars" this week and, of course, Jay Cutler was there in person watching from the sidelin... more

Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press Seems like everybody is trying to pile on Tony Romo. Let's see if I have this straight, we are heading into Week 5, and this being an odd-numbered week, we are bashing Tony Romo? Well maybe I will just follow... more

Kyle Rivas/Associcated Press Those are not tears of joy, the Chiefs blew a big opportunity. We are now at the quarter point of the 2011 NFL season (if you can believe that) and it is time to separate the contenders from the pretenders for N... more

Stefan Simonsen / Associated Press The inevitable Super Bowl halftime performance by Madonna might be happening at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Given Hank Williams Jr.'s recent remarks about President Obama , we have a clearer vision of th... more

David Kohl/Associated Press Way to go Bengals, you would ruin a good time by upsetting the Bills. So maybe the Bills and Lions won't both be 16-0 and locking up in Super Bowl XLVI. Thank you for nothing, Bengals. But Week 4 wasn't a total... more

Jeff Curry/US Presswire Oh look, more points for a guy who was not starting on your fantasy team. We are a quarter into the season, and with that, here is a look at the top Week 4 fantasy storylines. Ryan Torain only exists to ruin your... more


Associated Press Who would want this to end? Keep the Chargers in San Diego. The downtown stadium proposal in Los Angeles cleared another hurdle this week, when Gov. Jerry Brown signed some document that freed up some regulation that I'm no... more

Tom E. Puskar/Associated Press Jerome Bettis was pretty good, but the best of the best? That is stretch. If I ever had the financial freedom to start my own philanthropic organization, I would love to put my time and energy into helping tho... more

Charles Krupa/Associated Press Things are a little uncomfortable in Boston following the Red Sox recent collapse. The Red Sox start every baseball season ordained into the playoffs, with most pundits all but conceding the wild card to Bosto... more

Elaine Thompson/Associcated Press Peter Carroll looks verklempt after the Seahawks missed an opportunity to move up. We are quickly approaching the quarter point of the 2011 NFL season (if you can believe that) and it is time to separate th... more

Jim Brown/US Presswire Britt is yet another big name to go down with a knee injury this season. Add Kenny Britt's name to the growing list of A-list fantasy studs that had their season cut short by a knee injury. And yes, complaining about... more

In the time it took you to read this intro, the Patriots and Bills just scored 14 points. But not all of this week?s winners and losers came from that game. Here is a look at Week 3?s brightest (and not so bright) stars.... more

What a crazy week in fantasy football, with some high scores, some huge disappointments and injuries. It always seems to be about the injuries, right? Wes Welker just scored ten more fantasy points while you were reading this Alright, Welker put... more

Kevin Hoffman/US Presswire The Bills were able to beat the Patriots to become the AFC's lone unbeaten team. The Bills and the Patriots played a game for the ages on Sunday afternoon. In a near life imitating art moment, that game was like... more

Michael Hickey/Getty Images Tom Brady is coming clean but will never admit that this was a bad look. Tom Brady is a liar. It is true. Brady admitted during a recent interview that he sometimes bends the truth because he does not want to go... more

National Football League Pay attention, Giants, this is how you sell an injury. He even used a wheelchair. Bears RB Matt Forte is upset that he does not have a new contract, telling reporters that "Obviously someone doesn't believe I'm an... more

National Football League This wasn't an affront to the NFL but rather a slap in the face to cheaters everywhere. There's a famed "Seinfeld" episode in which Jerry is upset with Dr. Whatley (played by Bryan Cranston) because he converted to... more

Charles Krupa/Associated Press Pay attention, Giants, this is how you sell an injury. He even used a wheel chair. The Giants faking an injury to slow down St. Louis' no-huddle offense was offensive. I mean, I did not mind it as a cheap ploy... more

Ben Liebenberg/NFL Who is leading the race to get that top spot in the 2012 NFL Draft? So, your team is 0-2. But don't worry, your team is not out of it. Well, they are out of it for the Super Bowl. Teams do not typically start 0-2 and win... more

Jack Dempsy/Associated Press Hey look, Tebow is doing something useful. But don't expec to start him at fantasy WR. Save your money, Denver, coach John Fox relented to your demands and he put Tim Tebow in the game! Sure it was at receiver... more

Fantasy football can be a cruel mistress. Sometimes you are up, but most of the time you are down. Let's take a look at the top five fantasy storylines after Sunday. Charles likely done for the year There was a growing sentiment among many fanta... more

Jack Dempsey/Associated Press Once the rain started falling, Tim Tebow ran back to the locker room to get hoodies for the cheerleaders. The Raiders' fans have long been vilified for being the most delusional not only in the NFL, but maybe a... more

Texans RB Arian Foster has looked much better in practice on Thursday, and coach Gary Kubiak was glowing with platitudes of his lead running back. "He puts us at our best," Kubiak said. "He's a heck of a player. When he's back there, everybody's pr... more

Steve Mitchell/US Presswire That's right, Chad Henne ranked second in fantasy points in Week 1. Put that in your pipe ... Lost in Tom Brady's dominating performance from Monday night was Chad Henne's effort -- 34.54 points in standard scori... more

Congratulations to Dolphins rookie Danny Thomas who has already won the Ryan Mathews award for the rookie running back who got the most undeserved praise in fantasy drafts without ever having earned it. Seriously, are we ever to trust a rookie runnin... more

With Week 1 just about in the books, here is a look at the top fantasy storylines. Cam Newton's monster day The Panthers rookie quarterback led all fantasy players with 30.68 points in his professional debut. Oh right, let's just say his NFL deb... more

Brian Blanco/Associated Press Why is she smiling? Her coach might have just ruined my fantasy team. The Packers and Saints had an entertaining kickoff to the 2011 season, and far be it from me to be bring in the negative (kind of like when... more

Associated Press/US Presswire Life does sometimes imitate art. Does anybody remember the scene in Varsity Blues when the West Canaan Wolf Pack pulls the mutiny on Bud Kilmer and injured quarterback Lance Harbor takes over play-calling... more

Here is the initial conspiracy theory floating around after the Jaguars released David Garrard on Tuesday : The Jaguars are going to tank the season in order to make a move to Los Angeles seem more feasible. I have my doubts about that, considering... more

There was huge shocking news over the weekend about the Manning family -- yep, I finally drafted a fantasy team that does not have Eli Manning. Shocker, I know. But yeah, I guess his brother was making bigger news. Peyton Manning could miss four ga... more

This is the year of the tight end. Or so we declared on Fantasy Live on Thursday. Big production is expected to come from tight ends who will come later in your drafts, making that traditional run on tight ends both obsolete and rather foolis... more

Associated Press Are you ready for some football? Here are six things that should get you excited for the coming season. The NFL season is a week away and everybody is ready for football to start. Even the president is willing to move his... more


Shutterstock Are you ready for your fantasy draft? This guy is ready to beat you. Fantasy football draft day is the apex of the football season, filled with hope that this - this - is the year that you have assembled the greatest collectio... more

I am in two leagues here at work at and in both leagues Eli Manning is my quarterback. So I was asked by a buddy if I was worried about Eli's recent, two-interception performance against the Jets and my simple answer was, "Yes." And my more... more

The NFL Network Fantasy League has an AFL-like rival and we held our draft on August 29. The contestants (in order of drafting were) Jay Glazer, Dave Dameshek, Fran Charles, Rank, Andrew Siciliano, Paul Burmeister, Lindsay Soto, Willie McGinest, Bria... more

Jeff Roberson/Associated Press This mustache should inspire a better nickname than A-Rod. We, as Americans, owe Aaron Rodgers that. America has become lazy. And you do not need to troll around the typical Walmart in St. Louis to see this. T... more

This quarterback is a gamer. He never misses a game, and this injury does not scare me at all. Who cares if he misses preseason because this guy is a veteran and he does not need preseason to get ready. Think I am talking about Peyton Manning? Uh... more

Did you see that? And no, I'm not talking about the Angels dropping two of three games in Texas over the weekend (so much for Jered Weaver going on three days' rest). No, there was plenty of NFL preseason action last week as we draw even closer to th... more

Mike Shanahan is doing it to us again. Tim Hightower has looked amazing during the preseason. I mean, we all saw that 37-yard touchdown run against the Ravens. Hightower also bullied the Steelers. This is going to be Hightower's breakout season, ri... more

Mark Humphrey / Associated Press Seeing a championship go to the St. Louis Rams courtesy of this play was painful to watch for L.A. fans. Chad Ochocinco has offered to pay the fine the NFL has put on Mason Foster, according to this tweet .... more

The trash talk is already starting to fly. Just picking a draft time for our NFL Network Talent League was enough to start an e-mail war between Rich Eisen, Dave Dameshek and Warren Sapp -- the latter being the reigning champion of the NNTL. This yea... more

Rick Osentoski / Associated Press Will all hail mighty Megatron when he busts out his new end zone moves? Lions WR Calvin Johnson has a special touchdown dance planned for this coming season. Good to know that you used all of that lockout... more

LM Otero/Associated Press They say you cannot play the game without a helmet, but Phillip Tanner proved them wrong. At least for a play. Week 2 of the NFL preseason is in the books, and no doubt the biggest story of the weekend was Phillip... more

U.S. Presswire Wait, is that the real Brett Favre signing autographs? Or is it an imposter? There was a Brett Favre impersonator roaming around Green Bay this weekend, and the social media world was aflutter with jokes about crocks, fake... more

David J. Phillip / Associated Press You might remember that Eli Manning (right) helped the Giants upset Tom Brady's Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Eli Manning believes he's in the same class as Tom Brady. Wait, what? Eli isn't even the... more

Sharon Ellman/Associated Press Jason Hatcher is afraid of elevators? Don't worry, you are in good company. Dean Martin was afraid of elevators. It is true. So while I don't know what the word is for a fear of elevators, fearing an elevator... more

Associated Press No wonder Mark Sanchez does not want to fight this guy. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has backed off recent comments that he wanted to slug coach Rex Ryan. And for good reason, too -- did you guys see Ryan flip out during... more

Associated Press Nobody is going to push around the Lions this season, at least if Suh has something to say about it. The first week of NFL preseason is nearly in the books. After a summer of discontent, it was a welcome relief. Even if the... more

Paul Sancya/Associated Press Brett Favre is tired, and has no interest in playing. And he totally means it. Brett Favre says that he is done with football. And he means it this time. Why does this smack of your typical conversation that you... more

Fantasy Sleepers August 11, 2011

Welcome to the first edition of the Kevin Bacon Super Sleepers. Why is this team named after Kevin Bacon? Well, I am glad you asked. Bacon was the quintessential movie star sleeper, taking a minor role in "Animal House" and moving on from that into s... more

John Raoux/Associated Press MJD will not say that he's sorry to Jay Cutler, nor should he. But there are some others who should apologize. Maurice Jones-Drew refuses to apologize to Jay Cutler for questioning his toughness on Twitter after... more

Did anybody catch the play above from the Arena League action on Monday night? As a former beat writer for the AFL, I thought that I had seen everything during my time following the Los Angeles Avengers. Yeah, I was wrong. Fans are allowed to... more

CANTON, Ohio -- There is an old story about how comedian Danny Thomas killed a room for an hour while the other comics cowered in the corner for fear of having to follow him. Nobody wanted to follow a performance like that. But Joey Bishop... more

NFL Films The vision of NFL Films founder Ed Sabol helped revolutionize how sports are presented. Working for the NFL affords you the opportunity to rub elbows with many of the game's greats -- past and present. But I never found myself more... more

Associated Press After an illustrious career as one of the NFL's most feared defensive ends, Bubba Smith hit the silver screen. The NFL universe mourns the passing of the legendary Bubba Smith , who had quite a successful career with the Colts... more

Former Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jerome Bettis was making the media rounds on Tuesday and it can only mean one thing -- he's making a comeback to the NFL. And since reboots dominate Hollywood these days, who says that he c... more

Steve Mitchell/U.S. Presswire The Heat proved building a "dream team" isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Vince Young has called the current Eagles team a "dream team." Uh Vince, you might want to pump the brakes on that nickname. Not... more

Rick Osentoski/US Presswire The Angels' Erick Aybar upset the Tigers and violated one of those "unwritten rules" Sunday by trying to start a rally. Angels shortstop Erick Aybar egregiously violated one of baseball's most hallowed "unwritten... more


Charles Krupa/Associated Press Oh sure, it's all smiles for Tom Brady and Chad Ochocinco now. Will it last? The most amazing thing about the Chad Ochocinco trade to New England is not the relative low price the Patriots paid for the... more

Defensive end Ray Edwards understood his position in the Vikings' hierarchy. With the team having other priorities -- namely acquiring a veteran quarterback, re-signing wide receiver Sidney Rice, among other things -- Edwards knew he could be a victi... more

Associated Press Richard Nixon rode off into the sunset after his resignation. Hopefully these six will follow his lead. Wednesday is the 37th anniversary of when the House Judiciary Committee passed the first article of impeachment against... more

A number of high-profile quarterbacks figure to be changing teams in an NFL free-agency period that should move about as briskly as your typical fantasy football draft -- just with slightly higher stakes. So allow me to grab the Gene Rayburn stick-mi... more

Goldstein Photography / Flynet Pictures One of these ladies got the greatest gift of her life. The other married Ben Roethlisberger. What do Kristen Cavallari and the Chicago Bears have in common? Jay Cutler quit on both of them . Too... more

Gary A. Vasquez/NFL There was a time when you wondered if the Packers would get a chance to defend the title in 2011. The NFL lockout is apparently over, which is not only good news for pro football fans, but also for Seattle Mariners fans... more

US Presswire Tiger Woods and Steve Williams are no longer two peas in a pod. Tiger Woods dismissed his caddie, Steve Williams, this week, and the New Zealander isn't taking it too well, either -- which makes sense considering how much money... more

Neil A. Armstrong/NASA/Associated Press I can watch the moon landing on my TV, but still can't get NFL Network. Here are some other gripes. One of my favorite comedy bits of all-time comes from Brian Regan who talks about how putting a man... more

Browns running back Peyton Hillis might be the most popular player in the NFL, if the results of the recent Madden cover vote is any indication. Hillis dazzled fans by running around, through and over players in 2010 -- the latter a nod to the great... more

Harry Potter July 15, 2011

Congratulations to the Harry Potter series for knowing when to go out on top. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is expected to be the best edition yet, so that is making a grand exit. Too bad more NFL players can?t follow the same... more

US Presswire James Harrison (left) needs to mend some fences with Ben Roethlisberger before they ever hug again. Life would be awesome with a reset button. Sent a drunk text to your boss? A reset button would be cool. That third shot of... more

Associated Press Hey, look, it's the ESPYs. Thankfully, I have my NCAA 12 from EA Sports to keep me company. They say that the day after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game is the slowest sports day of the year. And boy, are they right.... more

US Presswire The Home Run Derby is awesome. How come the NFL hasn't come up with anything as cool? One of the most interesting comments tweeted to me Monday night asked me how many Americans actually thought the Home Run Derby was... more

David Drapkin / Associated Press Marshall Faulk went with a pick for his Hall of Fame presenter that should endear him to fans: his agent. Marshall Faulk will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 6, and it was announced... more

John E. Sokolowski / US PRESSWIRE The fans recognized Peyton Hillis' greatness last season. The players? Not so much. Let me put "The Top 100 Players of 2011"  into perspective for you: The NFL fans voted for Peyton Hillis to be on the... more

Happy birthday, America! In honor of this great nation, here is a countdown of the most embarrassing moments in Cowboys history. 6. Dave Campo's coaching career The Cowboys have had some of the most storied coaching names in football ro... more


Associated Press In five trips to the NFC Championship Game, Donovan McNabb advanced to only one Super Bowl -- and lost. What do the top four quarterbacks among the "Top 100 Players of 2011" all have in common? They all have won Super Bowl... more

The autumn wind is a Raider. Pillaging just for fun. He'll knock you 'round and upside down. And laugh when he's conquered and won. The Raiders built an organization built on intimidation. From the simple black uniforms to players who just seemed... more

Associated Press If Rank is ever blessed with children, he is praying for triplets because the names are already picked out. Athletes and celebrities, please stop it. You get enough attention already without having to subject your kids to... more

Even Maurice Jones-Drew is in agreement -- the name Los Angeles Rams just sounds better. This of course, makes him one of the smartest men in the world. Move over Stephen Hawking, our world's brightest mind is Jones-Drew. To be clear, Jones-Drew wa... more

Let's be honest, the level of smack run by NFL players on Twitter is pretty bad. If the Twitter talk was put in football playing terms, it's about Arena League II level at best. Do you read me, Osi Umenyiora? In one of the latest Twitter feuds, o... more

Happy Father's Day weekend everybody; a great time to look back at all of the things that your father has done for you. And in honor of this weekend, we have a few special things planned, but after looking at some of the biggest disappointments of NF... more

Happy Father's Day weekend everybody; a great time to look back at all your father has done for you. And, in honor of this weekend, we have a few special things planned, but to get things kicked off, we will take a look at six offspring who never liv... more

The Green Lantern might be the most anticipated summer blockbuster, even surpassing my excitement for The Hangover Part II . And since we gave a nod to the latter with a look at the ultimate wolf pack, it only makes sense to compose our list of NFL... more

Vladimir Cherry/US Presswire Just kidding, the Cowboys don't make this list. Besides, is anybody really born a Cowboys fan? After taking a look at the most disappointing franchises to cheer for on Tuesday, it's only fair that we celebrate... more

Kirby Lee/US Presswire The Raiders have not had much success in recent years, but still managed to avoid this list. A recent topic on the Dave Dameshek Football Program revolved around the most hard-luck franchise to be born into. Because... more

Jason Miller / US Presswire If Peyton Hillis and the Browns won a title this year, it'd be justice served for Cleveland sports fans. America! The Dallas Mavericks are the NBA champions, and the country rejoices -- partly because LeBron... more

Paul Spinelli / Associated Press Jim Everett (left) and Eric Dickerson were both stars for the Los Angeles Rams. One of the first things I was asked to do as an intern for NFL Publishing in 1995 was to write the copy for a Wheaties Box,... more

Plaxico Burress was released from jail this week . And I think we all remember where we were when we saw super-agent Drew Rosenhaus leap into the arms of Burress as he made his walk to freedom. Because it just seemed so awkward. So, on this fine... more

NFL Photos Jackie Smith took his talents to Dallas, and look at what happened. Dirk Nowitzki came up huge Tuesday for the Dallas Mavericks, and some say that he came up huge for America! Nowitzki woke up with a 101-degree fever and still... more

Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press No matter what the BCS says, this indeed happened. The BCS stripped USC of its 2004 national championship on Monday because of rules violations stemming from the Reggie Bush incident. Which is great, but only if... more

Heather Ainsworth/Associated Press Does anybody else hear a Whitney Houston song in the background? Plaxico Burress was released from jail Monday, and what a relief it must have been to feel the sun on his face, the awesome taste of a White... more

During a visit to the NFL Network studios last week, Chris Cooley said Tony Gonzalez was the greatest tight end of all-time. But, Cooley insisted, Gonzalez doesn't belong on NFL Network's "The Top 100 Players of 2011," as voted by players. For the... more

Many of you probably had trouble getting motivated this week, coming off the Memorial Day weekend. Demands are high, tempers are running high. You can't blame people for being on edge while trying to jam some work together. In honor of those short... more

America! Watching the Dallas Mavericks battle the Miami Heat on Tuesday night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, it became apparent that America has not been this united in a rooting interest since the World Cup (you remember that month you cared about... more


John Elway doesn't seem too pleased that a Colorado band is using his name . Apparently, only car dealerships are allowed to carry the Elway brand. But Elway doesn't want the band cashing in on his good name. Well, at least in Denver. I can't imagi... more

Another week, more seemingly controversial revelations in the NFL Top 100. Brandon Lloyd falling behind Marques Colston? A center and a guard in the top 60? But maybe the biggest surprise was Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan coming in at No. 52. Ryan... more

As long as the NFL has had uniforms, there have been uniform malfunctions. Sometimes, the uniforms themselves have been a malfunction. Especially when you look at some of these uniforms from the Bears , Steelers and Bills . As we head into Memoria... more

The Hangover Part II opens on Thursday and there is no doubt that I will be there. One of the best movies in recent memory (eclipsed only -- in my opinion -- by Hot Tub Time Machine ), the sequel will hopefully match the hype like the Broncos in Sup... more

¬† Don't miss out on the Pick Six. What are the signs of the NFL apocalypse? Who has the ultimate trophy case? Our Adam Rank has it for you right here: ¬Ľ Helping Newton pick a number ¬Ľ NFL apocalypse ¬Ľ NFL's ultimate bragging rights... more

Cam Newton doesn't care what number he wears this season. Newton said that he doesn't really have much interest in No. 2. Not that Jimmy Clausen is going to give away his job or his number anytime soon. Newton appeared last weekend wearing No. 00 a... more

Wait, we're still here? Well, this is a little embarrassing. I failed to really plan anything for today because, well, I figured with the rapture occurring on Saturday, there would be no need for a Pick Six on Monday. And I suppose that I need to... more

Seven receivers have been revealed in the first 40 players on NFL Network's Top 100 list for 2011. And although some fans have been wondering why their guy wasn't higher, we will put the onus on you to decide which receiver you'd vote for. But with... more

The football field is a dangerous place. And, it turns out, the sidelines are, too. Some of the best collisions have occurred well after the play has ended. Now we count down the best sideline collisions in recent memory. And don't worry, nobody... more

Deion Sanders was recently selected to the College Football Hall of Fame , just months after getting the nod to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame . And we all know that Deion likes to brag. But does he have the most to brag about? When you look... more

¬† Don't miss out on the Pick Six. Who had the silliest feud? Who is the king of the NFL royal family? We have it for you right here: ¬Ľ The NFL's DiMaggio ¬Ľ Grading Ochocinco's hobbies ¬Ľ Divas who need to go away ¬Ľ Worst mentors... more

The sports world just celebrated the start of Joltin' Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak, which began 70 years ago on Sunday. Many sports enthusiasts refer to DiMaggio's streak as the greatest in sports. That can be debated, of course. But wha... more

Chad Ochocinco rode a bull this weekend. (And we can talk about the use of the verb riding later on here.) And while I would like to chalk it up to the labor situation, the truth is, Ochocinco has spent a lot of time crafting this image and always se... more

I think Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco is going to be participating in American Ninja Warriors, or maybe he's cycling in the Tour de France or something. It's so hard to keep track of him these days. Oh wait, it was bull riding. Yes, that is it. So who... more

¬† Don't miss out on the Pick Six. Who was the NFL's toughest guy? Whose number should be retired? We have it for you right here: ¬Ľ Inaugural NFL's least influential list ¬Ľ NFL's toughest guys ¬Ľ Why are you wearing this number? ¬... more

Michael Hickey/ Tom Brady might be one of the most influential athletes, but his fashion sense could use some work. Four NFL players made Forbes magazine's 2011 list of America's most influential athletes , led by Patriots... more

As Reggie Bush and Rashard Mendenhall recently proved, NFL players might have too much time on their hands. Many of them continue to generate news, but probably not for the reason they would want. Here are five stories about players. Four of them are... more

¬† Don't miss out on the Pick Six. Who had the silliest feud? Who is the king of the NFL royal family? We have it for you right here: ¬Ľ Copy of Favre's aptitude test ¬Ľ Greatest Mexican-Americans in NFL history ¬Ľ Al Davis as Darth... more

David Kohl/Associated Press You might want to consider a new number, Andy. But you're cool, Dontay. Can we stop squabbling over jersey numbers, guys? Jimmy Clausen wears No. 2 in Carolina, and top-overall pick Cam Newton wants it. (And if yo... more

Rogelio Solis/Associated Press This test says that Favre might make a good  high school football coach. Brett Favre is done with football. Yeah, we've heard that before. But we foolishly take Favre at his word, and he did say this week that... more

Brian Horton/Associated Press  Coach Tom Flores (left) and QB Jim Plunkett led the Raiders to two Super Bowl titles in the '80s. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully you spend this holiday the way many of us in America do, enjoying two-for-one... more

David Stluka/Associated Press This is what the Death Star would look like on our planet. May the force be with you! Or as some Star Wars fans will tell you today, May the 4th be with you. That's right, it's Star Wars day, the holiest day... more

Apparently some of you were not challenged by the "Rex Ryan or movie quotes" challenge, and props to you. Give yourself an internet high-five. How about a new challenge? Below there are 30 teams listed. Your challenge is to determine whether the... more

What's the one thing that springs to mind when you think of other professional football leagues? Well, other than Kurt Warner, Steve Young's huge contract and Donald Trump sinking a viable summer alternative. That's right, some terrible uniforms.... more

A number of undrafted free agents are going to be faced with a tough decision after the United Football League conducted its draft Monday. Do they take the opportunity to play in the fledgling league or wait to see if they will get their chance to pl... more

Jerry Lai/US Presswire   Jets coach and new author Rex Ryan wasted little time sharing his opinions when he was first hired as coach in January of 2009. Ryan made reference to new president Barack Obama during his introductory press... more

Howard Smith/US Presswire The commissioner would still have a role as the official greeter. The 2011 NFL Draft is in the books and what a time it was. Cam Newton goes first overall. Jake Locker and Christian Ponder go much higher than... more


Tim Hales/Associated Press   Many of your wives and girlfriends woke up early Friday (1 a.m. for us here on the West Coast -- not long after the first-round of the draft ended) to watch the royal wedding. The ridiculous display of rewarding... more

Jason DeCrow / Associated Press   Thirty-two young men will have their dreams come true during the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night. And because the green room has not always been so kind to players in the past, I admire the... more

Andrew Weber/US Presswire   Poor Cleveland, even when you win, you are cursed. At least that is true for those who believe in the Madden curse, which many are convinced will strike Peyton Hillis, who was voted by fans Wednesday as the... more

There is no shortage of people who have feuded with Jay Cutler over the years, as the Bears quarterback has proven to be about as popular as "The Paul Reiser Show." Seemingly everybody has feuded with Cutler at some point ‚??- Philip Rivers, Josh... more

Denis Poroy/Associated Press Push too hard with your kid, and this is what could happen. Below are some better examples to follow. The 2011 NFL Draft begins Thursday night, and many dreams will be coming true. Both for the players and their... more illustration   Jets linebacker Bart Scott last week, while defending coach Rex Ryan's outgoing nature, compared his coach to President Barack Obama. For real. And while we started thinking about how great a president Ryan would... more

Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press Candice Crawford can really come through with a gift that really excites Tony Romo. Dear Candice Crawford, Birthdays have a special meaning for your fiancée Tony Romo. He famously dumped Jessica Simpson... more

Anybody who watched's "Fantasy Live" last season knows I took a beating like Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford on my bold predictions. That is why I am going to get a jump on the competition with some bold predictions to go along with the re... more

Denis Poroy/Associated Press   Making the NFL schedule cannot be an easy task. And I would never want to be negative about a group who, no doubt, spent a lot of time and effort getting the schedule done. But how can the Chargers not have a... more

It is way too easy to overestimate the importance of the schedule, especially with the way teams change from year to year. But there were a couple of notable fantasy developments with the release of the schedule Tuesday. Somebody loves Peyton Manni... more

Men's magazines can be depressing when they run features on ultimate road trips or ultimate wardrobes or contests like, "You can win a date with Olivia Munn!" You have no chance of ever affording or winning any of that. Or affording to date Munn if y... more

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis is a finalist for "Madden NFL 12" cover honors after moving past Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in online voting by fans. Hillis, who will square off with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mic... more illustration   Dallas Clark made a cameo on "Criminal Minds" on Wednesday night, and the reviews were pretty good -- the Colts tight end showed some solid acting chops. But, come on, anybody can do a cameo. Even Jerry Jones... more

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson recently stopped by the NFL Network studios, and, yes, he's still trying to live down his infamous celebration malfunction from his rookie season. Was it the biggest celebration failure in NFL history? Jackson cert... more

Former New York Jets employee Jenn Sterger, who allegedly received inappropriate photos and phone messages from Brett Favre, told her story Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America." Now, we're not here to play judge and jury, nor choose sides. But... more

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis visited the NFL Network studios Monday to talk about the United Athletes Foundation and Shad Ireland, the first kidney dialysis patient to complete the Ironman triathlon. When you think about Lewis, it's hard not to thin... more

Somebody alert Kevin Costner that Rory McIlroy has provided the plot for "Tin Cup 2" following his collapse at the Masters on Sunday. And really, you can't help but feel sorry for McIlroy, until you realize that he plays golf for a living. And the... more

With our experts listing the best general managers to run a draft (our invitation must have been lost in the mail), we've decided to count down the worst people to put in the job. Considered: Charlie Sheen, because "Winning" is the new "Just win,... more

Donovan McNabb isn't a stranger to his lawn being vandalized, like Craig T. Nelson in "All the Right Moves." It happened to McNabb before the 2008 NFC Championship Game. And after a car ran into McNabb's yard this week in Maryland, initial reports... more

A reporter once said that Martellus Bennett produced more quotes than touchdowns during his career at Texas A&M, and he has certainly lived up to that reputation during his brief tenure with the Cowboys. In three years, Bennett has been more Mike... more

Notable celebrities have posed for PETA advertisements, many of them in risqué fashion -- Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson and Roselyn Sanchez (Google that one) to name a few. But even sports stars have gotten in the act, including Atlanta Falcons tight... more

The Jackson surname has a certain magic to it in the world of sports. Reggie Jackson, Phil Jackson, Curtis Jackson from "The White Shadow." But who is the best Jackson in NFL history? In honor of DeSean Jackson's recent visit to the NFL Network stu... more

We've all played the game where you pick celebrity guests for a fictional dinner party. So we put it to Colts center Jeff Saturday, who recently had a beer with Commissioner Roger Goodell : Who would he like to hang out with for an evening? Conside... more


Century 21 is getting back into the advertising game. Just a few years removed from pulling all national TV advertising, the company will have a 2012 Super Bowl ad and will sponsor the pregame show on NBC, according to Ad Age . Hey, nobody tell the... more

Virginia Commonwealth's basketball team went from play-in bubble team to the Final Four, and has become the talk of the sporting world. But Cinderella runs are not just limited to college hoops. The NFL has had its share or memorable Cinderella teams... more

CULVER CITY, Calif. -- LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson figures to be one of the top picks in next month's NFL draft, but will he attend the event in New York? That has yet to be decided. "I don't know," Peterson said during an interview with more


¬Ľ Steelers' all-time roster DALLAS --'s Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank break down the all-time rosters of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, two of the most storied -- and winningest -- franchises in NFL history. Rank is the... more

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